Thursday, 10 March 2016


Edward Denmark writes

I am a 55 year old Father of two married to my wife Tricia of 27 Years. I served in 12 Regiment Royal Artillery on the Rapier multi 
missile air defence system. I saw action both in the Falklands war and Northern Ireland. After injuring my knees whilst in Northern Ireland I left the Army and turned my hand to writing, my first book not for queen and country about my time in war was published in 1998 and I am now not far off completing my second book we spoke in whispers which will be available soon. This book tells of my childhood and the hardship of being very poor and my Mothers addiction to alcohol and the fight for survival each and every day.

My blog starts today it will cover the thoughts, Ideas and opinions of how I see it. News on matters regarding the military of all nations and the political landscape of how and where our military are deployed around the world and more much more. I don’t seek to change opinion or anger people and I know I will get things wrong so I am always happy to hear other people’s views and admit where I have got it wrong. If you have any questions regarding my book(s) or other matters please ask and I will try to answer them as honestly as possible.  Enter Edwards site  Here  
Many thanks

(RG) I served with Edward in the Falklands War and highly recommend his book.