Sunday, 24 May 2015

Falklands: “We are an Overseas Territory, very content with the status and endorsed in the 2013 referendum”

The Falkland Islands are very pleased with their current political and democratic status based on the UN charter and confirmed in the 2013 referendum, enjoy a prosperous economy with emphasis on social policies and environment conservation and have good neighborly relations with nearby countries, except for Argentina that “continues to ignore our people's right to self-determination and covet our territory”.Words belong to MLA Phyl Rendell, MBE, Falklands elected member of the Legislative Assembly which rules Islands affairs, except for defense and foreign affairs, addressing on Wednesday the UN Pre-C24 Assembly currently taking place in Managua, Nicaragua.
MLA Rendell added that “if there was no threat from Argentina to claim our country, and the Government of that country recognized our existence and respected our right to self-determination, we would not require British troops at all”.Read more HERE 

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