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Kajaki - A Modern British War Film

United Kingdom

Kajaki tells the compelling true story of what happened to a British Army company stationed at Kajaki Dam in Helmand in September 2006. It’s a story of amazing courage, of ordinary guys in extraordinary circumstances, and of the kind of terrifying situation that the men and women of the modern British Army are finding themselves in.  Based on first hand accounts, it’s a story that has yet to be told.

Kajaki Dam, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. 6th September 2006.

A small unit of soldiers is dug into a ridge overlooking the dam. A sniper patrol sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock.  In a dried out river bed at the foot of the ridge, a young British sniper detonates a land mine, blowing off his leg and setting into motion a desperate rescue mission. His fellow soldiers come to get him out, only to find themselves trapped in a minefield. With no way out, any movement risks certain injury and possible death.

One by one the hidden enemy takes its toll. KAJAKI the movie follows several British soldiers on one harrowing day during their six-month tour of Afghanistan in 2006. It was the day of days when young men, the lads from next door, discovered levels of bravery and selflessness they never knew they had and ultimately became heroes.

WHY I HAVE TO MAKE THIS FILM - Director, Paul Katis
There’s a particular genre of film called a ‘monster in the house movie’ that keeps you on the edge of your seat to very last frame. Jaws is a shining example or more recently Paranormal Activity. It relies on a hidden enemy that can strike at any time and the desperate ploys of the film’s heroes in trying to escape it. Reading the reports of what happened at Kajaki is just like watching such a movie. Combine this with the fact that is all true and you have a very special story to tell.

But more than that, the setting is a war. Whatever the rights and wrongs of being in Afghanistan, few of us can help but be overwhelmed by the bravery of the young men and women who have responded to the call. If the Americans can celebrate that, why can’t we? I want to see British grit and humour under pressure and hear British banter for once. If you do too, then help us make it happen. Thanks.

Paul Katis (Director) and Tom Williams (Writer) have been making low budget films with big ambition for ten years. They share an interest in genre based storytelling that can bring insightful and rewarding stories to a wider audience.

Paul is an extremely versatile award-winning director with extensive experience of a wide range of genres. As well as short films, he has worked in TV & Commercial Film production for over fifteen years and in that time has amassed a wealth of credits and experience.

Tom’s first produced script was the 2011 romantic comedy CHALET GIRL, directed by Phil Traill and starring Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Bill Nighy, Brooke Shields and Bill Bailey. He has written scripts on commission for numerous British production companies over the last ten years. As well as KAJAKI, Tom is currently working on an action film for TV star Bear Grylls, a BASE jumping thriller, a big budget romantic comedy and a sitcom.

Gareth Ellis-Unwin is the film’s Executive Producer. Gareth is an Oscar and BAFTA winning producer who brings many years of experience producing award winning films, including the critically-acclaimed THE KINGS SPEECH, winner of seven BAFTAs and four Academy Awards including Best Picture. Gareth has worked closely with both Tom and Paul previously and adds real weight to the production of this important and ambitious film.

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