Saturday, 3 March 2012

Argentinean navy veteran Roberto Herrscher and former Royal Artillery soldier Tony McNally discuss the legacy of one of the UK's most controversial conflicts 30 years on.

Next month is the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war. Roberto Herrscher was conscripted into the Argentinean navy, while Tony McNally joined the British army at 16. Susanna Rustin asks the two veterans what they think about the conflict now. Read conversation HERE

When I was contacted by the Guardian to do this interview my initial reaction was no thanks as I assumed as they are a left wing newspaper they would lean more towards the Argentinean side especially in a War when their arch enemy Margaret Thatcher was in charge. Plus I did not want to get into a pointless slanging match about who owns it and as anyone who reads this Blog certainly knows my thoughts. In the end it turned out to be a great interview with Roberto who unlike myself was press ganged into going to War by the Junta. The piece in the Guardian was a very small part of the actual interview and I’m sure the Editor would have loved it if we had both condemned our own Countries. The truth is Roberto when he was forced to commandeer a boat ie, steal it from an Islander , struck up a friendship with the Captain and they went on to become close friends. Roberto was even allowed back several times to the Falkland due to his friendship. I believe that he  thinks the Falklands should remain British as he mentioned the generations of Falkland Islanders who have lived their long before Argentina existed as a Country. What we both had in common was our PTSD, this condition doesn’t care what Nationality you are. Before any politician from both sides go to War my advice would be to ask the soldiers that have fought in previous Wars. What we don’t want to see is in another 30 Years another Tony & Roberto talking about their Falklands War.