Saturday, 3 March 2012

Another deluded pop fading star slags off the Falklands

Oh dear these fading singers are falling over themselves to bad mouth their Country of birth and make ridiculous statements about the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. He is just saying what he thinks his audience wants to hear. If he was in Palestine he would condemn the Jews and if he was in Israel he would condemn the NAZIS. He is a disgusting little man that even made light of the massacre in Norway. At least now the British people know what he thinks of them and our servicemen on this 30 th anniversary. The Falklands is today's news Morrissey is a yesterdays pop star.Read more Falkland Islands belong to you, Morrissey tells Argentinean fans 


notareargunner said...

What the fuck is a Morrisey? A low shit with a foul mouthed stench.

RIP the saviours of British Falklands.

Rogue Gunner said...

A very accurate description of this vile reptilian scum.