Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Falklands task force plan 'ready' if Argentina threatens to invade again

A mini task force would be sent to defend the Falkland Islands if Argentina threatened to invade again, under contingency plans drawn up by the Ministry of Defence.
With tensions rising in the South Atlantic in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the war, the MoD is prepared to mobilise a new rapid response force to deal with any renewed threat from Buenos Aires.
Under the plan, ships would steam from their Plymouth base and be diverted from patrols in the Caribbean and off the African coast, while the  ‘air bridge’ from RAF Brize Norton to Ascension Island would be used by C-17 transport vehicles to bring in troop reinforcements. Read more HERE 

You know what, even with our meagre resources we would still win another War with Argentine. It wouldn’t be easy when is War ever easy, but the very fact that the UK is sending out the correct signals to the Argentines is the right thing to do, they think they can just wear us down with `words` and insults. Once again the Bulldog spirit would come into force, we have right on our side and we would once again not be the aggressors , just dealing with the aggressors of Argentina. Cameron should stop any overseas aid to Argentina and a host of other Countries that want to do us harm and pump it back into the UK. Don’t forget we have more military assets on the Islands than we did in 1982 and due to our military having been at War for decades we certainly have battle hardened troops. How battle hardened are the Argentineans? They may be tough when they are throwing young teenagers out of the back of aircraft over the South Atlantic and threatening British civilians at Goose Green with murder, but when it comes to a soldier v soldier contest there will be only one winner. Its not just about how many aircraft carriers you have , it’s a lot to do with your `backbone` one thing is for sure we are ready for any eventuality. Personally I do not believe anything will happen this year, however if we do find oil and gas in the Falkland waters we may see terrorists attacks upon our oil infrastructure, then that will be another ball game, but one  that we also have enormous expertise in dealing with.