Saturday, 4 February 2012

Do I not like Orange

I’m still alive, it was my router that died on me over two weeks ago. My ISP is Orange and after the level of service I have received I have decided to change. As soon as I had problems I had to contact Orange which means calling an `Indian` call centre, which costs me money 5p a minute, it wouldn’t be so bad if they actual did anything to help, but after about half and hour of them making money from me, they said they would order me a new router, which could take up to four days, doesn’t sound so bad does it. I waited for five days and when nothing arrived I called Orange again only this time I rang the number to cancel my account, doing this guarantees you get to speak to a UK call centre. Once again its costing me money and after being put on hold for several rubbishy music tracks I was informed by the rather apologetic Geordie at the other end that the people in India had not ordered my router after all. But Geordie then went on with his highly skilled spiel of what a lucky man I am as he can order me an even better router that makes the space shuttle look like the arc, it would also fit through the `letter box` so I didn't need to be home plus he was going to knock me a pound of my subscription which would make it £13. I just asked when it would arrive, yes you guessed it he had to go and check, which really meant he was going to put me on hold again and then proceed to make a brew and peruse the Daily Sport I would imagine. I had enough and put the phone down, my phone rang back and it was Geordie, everything is ordered and I would have the router in three to four days, a week later nothing. So I have cancel my account with Orange and gone with Sky half the cost of £7 a month as I have a Sky package with them, so fingers crossed for better service.
The most annoying thing was I had been on holiday for two weeks and made sure I had a scheduled Blog posting every day while away, then  it goes wrong just as the Falklands hit’s the headlines again. Not having the internet makes you realise that there is more to life than the net but we cannot help but miss it, especially when you do a Blog on a daily basis, but some times thing are out of your control and you have to accept it. Nice to see the MoD have taken my advice and sent a submarine to the Falklands, the best deterrent to any further invasion. Sorry for the interruption in service, its also just started to snow!