Thursday, 19 January 2012

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

HT/ and more fabulous art work here at Spud Jock Milne


Keir said...

Great site. Found it looking for images that equated Argentina with fascism from the 1930s. Still looking, but I like the 30th anniversary logo you show- simple, dignified and proud. The opposite of the Olympics logo, in other words.
I teach history just outside Dachau which is a sobering experience, and the Falklands flag is taking pride of place in my classroom (
If you were on blogger I'd definitely follow your site!

Rogue Gunner said...

Hi Keir
Thanks for the comments, glad you liked the logo, I will check out your site properly had a brief look and its is very interesting, just been watching a documentary about the NAZI death camps, when I was in Germany I visited Dachau , something I will never forget, by the way this site is on Blogger, cheers