Sunday, 4 December 2011

Falklands’ war film to be done in Isle of Man on time for 30th anniversary GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar

An independent feature film about the Falklands War will be made on the Isle of Man next spring. The project is called ‘Betrayed’ and charts a soldier's battle with post traumatic stress disorder. The idea for the film came from a series of acting workshops held in the island this year by actor Lee Boardman.
Boardman said: “We have been staggered by how much talent there is on the Isle of Man so we have tailored the roles to fit the actors we have worked with”.
“We want to make a movie about the war, but make it on a really low budget which has never really done before. It will be an Isle of Man feature film made only with actors from the Island”, he added. Read More HERE

I really hope that this film is a success and gets the right message across about mental trauma and the Falklands War, but it would be nice to see a British film produced about the War that had a little  more money to spend and do a type of `Saving Private Ryan` blockbuster. I was thinking somebody like Guy Ritchie could make a good movie and I would like to see the music from the time lots of Punk Rock to be used in the soundtrack, I can only dream.

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