Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Letter to David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister, I am a Falklands War and Northern Ireland veteran who is in receipt of a War pension and other benefits due to my experiences in the 1982 campaign. I like a great many other veterans are extremely anxious and worried about the forthcoming medicals that we will all have to undergo, as it is apparent that the reason for these medicals is financial rather than medical.I am writing to you on behalf of the thousands that have joined my Face-book Group `PROTECT OUR DISABLED SERVICEMEN &; WOMEN FROM GOVERNMENT CUTS.` We all fully understand the huge challenge you and your ministers have to address with the enormous budget deficit you have inherited from the last Labour Government but feel its morally wrong to target ex serviceman and woman who were willing to lay down their lives if necessary for their Country and have been injured in the process. The case of Aron Shelton who lost his leg in Afghanistan having his £180 a month disability cancelled because he could hobble a few yards is one of the most shocking cases to make headlines in recent weeks. As is the case of sergeant Neil Duffy, Iraq Hero who has had his benefits slashed, causing him severe depression and forced him to send his medals back to yourself. I trust you will agree? I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) you may or may not be aware that more Falkland Veterans have committed suicide than the 255 that were killed in action. That’s just the figures for one campaign, obviously there are cases from Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and now Afghanistan. I hope that you will agree with me that more needs to be done to assess and support young men that have seen things that a normal civilian could not even begin to imagine. I have been on a recent medical conducted by a DWP medical contractor that had no knowledge of PTSD and left me feeling clinically depressed a burden on my Country and seriously contemplating suicide. My fear is that if large numbers of our Veterans are subjected to these invasive humiliating medicals, some will find that the only answer is to take their own lives. I do not make this statement lightly. I feel very strongly that men and woman that have served this Great Nation should be treated differently from the rest of society, once they pulled on that uniform they earned that right. There is no doubt that the welfare system is in need of major reform and a smoother more streamlined less bureaucratic system is urgently needed. Concerning Veterans currently within that system I feel it would be better for Government and the veterans concerned if any monies they receive attributable to their service should be administered directly from the MOD as is the case with War Pensions, rather than together with mainstream civilian claimants. Our veterans by their very nature are proud men and woman, some of whom are unfortunately injured mentally or physically or both in the service of their Country. A prouder loyal honourable honest group of citizens you would be hard pressed to find. Non of these injured veterans want to be in the position they find themselves and would prefer to be fully fit and to lead as normal life as possible. Many find themselves homeless to add to their misery. They feel lost betrayed and abandoned by their own Country. You talk about the `big society` do you think that it is right that a soldier just off the aircraft from Afghanistan where he risked his life for his Country the same Country that turned him away from a local COOP because he was wearing a uniform? We ask you as our Prime Minister to do the right thing. By all means chase the benefit cheats but please look after and protect our ex servicemen and woman as loyally as they once protected and kept us all safe in this Great Nation of ours.

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If you think  Its disgusting and  that our men and women who have served this Country sometimes being terribly mentally and physically injured did not cause the huge deficit and as such should not be targeted by uncaring DSS contractors who’s sole interest is to take money away from these Heroes, then let your voice be heard and join my Face-book Group PROTECT OUR DISABLED SERVICEMEN & WOMEN FROM GOVERNMENT CUTS