Friday, 6 August 2010

Co-op refuses to serve soldier after return from Afghanistan - because he was still in uniform

Sapper Anthony Walls, 21 Engineer Regiment, popped into the Co-op in Croydon for some beers after a gruelling 34-hour journey from Kandahar.The 27-year-old, said it was his 'first hour back in the real world' after dodging Taliban bullets for the past four-and-a-half months helping build 'the most dangerous road in Afghanistan‘. But when he arrived at the till to pay he was met with a blank stare from the cashier, who refused to serve him and called for her manager. When the manager turned up he told him he 'couldn't do anything about it' and refused to serve him while he was in uniform. The patriotic soldier - who was on his way to his three-year-old nephew Jack's birthday party - simply left his beer at the check-out and walked out of the shop in daze.
He said: 'I was shocked and deeply hurt.’ All I was thinking about was getting home to Jack in time to wish him a happy birthday.’ It was great to be home after a difficult journey and I just thought I'd grab a couple of beers - a luxury I hadn't had in a while.

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But they would probably sell cheap booze to a group of chav teenagers who would go to reek havoc on the neighbourhood, rather than a soldier just home on leave from War.This type of discrimination would never have been tolerated after WW2, but this Country sadly is definitely not a Land Fit For Heroes. I hope Anthony never had to buy a drink when he visited his local. 
‎01689 842267 This is the number for Croyden Co op....New Addington....The store that refused to serve a member of OUR armed services a few cans of beer. You may want to ask them why?