Friday, 9 July 2010

Free Former paratrooper Anthony Malone 

THE family of a North-East man who has spent the past two-and-a-half years in an Afghan jail last night pleaded with the Government to help secure his release. Former paratrooper Anthony Malone is the only British inmate at Poli Charki prison, in Kabul, where he is surrounded by members of the Taliban. The 37-year-old, from Billingham, near Stockton, was jailed over allegations he owed money to officials. Fellow Brit and former soldier Bill Shaw was freed from the same jail earlier this week after being acquitted of bribing an official. Now Mr Malone’s parents, Patrick and Veronica, and sister, Maria Blades, fear for his safety unless the Government intervenes.” When he was first in there and they realised he was British, the other inmates threatened to kill him,” his 62- year-old father said.” We are worried sick about what is going to happen to him because we have not been able to get in contact with him other than in a few letters.” Living on a diet of potatoes and rice, the former soldier is painfully thin, with a long straggly beard and shaven head. Journalist Nadene Ghouri managed to secure an interview with Mr Malone on the high security wing of the prison, where he said he felt abandoned by the British Embassy. During the interview, he said: “For two-and-a-half years I’ve been sitting here thinking they’d help me. But I know now they aren’t going to do a thing.”He is believed to have been in Afghanistansince 2002 where he set up a security and logistics business. Read more HERE 

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Anthony’s case is yet again another disgrace and needs widespread publicity to force the Government to do the right and decent thing and Bring him home. He hasn’t even done anything wrong, Cameron should demanding the immediate release and not only that he should receive compensation for wrongful imprisonment. If Cameron had spent half as much time as he does pouring our tax money into India so they can get an astronaut in to space and giving Asylum to every wannabe homosexual, Anthony would have been out years ago. It seems Cameron is just another version of Gordon Brown with a better false smile. Time we all got out of Afghanistan and slammed the door on the s** hole once and for all. Join the Face-Book Group HERE