Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tell Obama to keep his nose out of the Falklands

A late change to Hillary Clinton’s travel plans resulted in a meeting in Buenos Aires last night between the US Secretary of State and President Fern├índez de Kirchner — giving the appearance of tacit US backing for Argentina in its dispute with Britain over the Falkland Islands .Mrs Clinton has offered to mediate, even though Whitehall is opposed to any negotiations on the sovereignty of the islands. While it remained the US position that Britain and Argentina should resolve the dispute themselves, “if we can be of any help in facilitating such an effort, we stand ready to do so,” Mrs Clinton said. “What we want to do is facilitate them talking to each other.” We’re not interested and have no real role in determining what they decide between the two of them. But we do want them talking and we want them trying to resolve the outstanding issues between them. We recognise that these are contentious matters that have to be resolved and we hope that they will do so.”

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Why not tell the Socialist President Barack Obama to keep his nose out of the Falklands. I know a great majority of the American people agree with Britain. Obama wants a democratic Afghanistan with its people running its own affairs , we in the UK have paid in the blood of our soldiers, so what about the right for the Falkland Islanders to have the same rights to self determination?

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