Monday, 1 March 2010

Former Royal Marine stopped at Heathrow over tattoo

A former Royal Marine from Merseyside was ordered to cover up the military insignia which he wears with pride as he passed through airport security.Ex-army medic Paul Fairclough was stunned and angry after being informed that his tattoo of the Marines famous dagger badge was "offensive", and must be hidden from public view. Iraq War hero Paul was travelling through London Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5 when he was challenged by a female operator in the security area. Paul, 29, from Wirral, joined the army at 19 and served in Iraq and Kosovo with the crack 539 Assault Squadron. He now works as a safety officer on oil rigs and was returning from Canada when the incident happened. Having arrived from Toronto he was transferring to a Manchester flight when he was stopped before he passed through a security arch as he boarded the domestic flight. After he put a bag on on an X-ray machine conveyor he was told to take his jacket off - revealing the 12-inch tattoo of the Royal Marines dagger. Paul tells how a woman official then told him: "That tattoo is offensive. You will have to cover it up.

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Welcome back to PC Britain Paul. I wonder if the woman officials Religion had anything to do with her decision? Take them to court Paul and get some compensation and go on a nice holiday you deserve it.