Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fire Mission ( St Valery en Caux)

PM sympathy letter two years late The father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan received a condolence letter from the Prime Minister almost two years after his son died. Out of respect for Trooper Jack Sadler, I’m not going to have a Political rant, the story says it all, RIP.

Three families did not get Brown condolence letter It seems this is not the first time this appalling incident has occurred.

Bomb disposal experts: the bravest of the brave? No braver men walk this Gods earth.

War hero hit with an 'exorbitant' parking fine by council These companies working for local Government are just a license to print money. The fact that Pensioner Tony Burleton is a War veteran is actually irrelevant even though he is a Hero, the fine is excessive and this needs to be addressed urgently.

Canada National Flag LH

Canada stays firm on 2011 Afghanistan troop exit Thank you for your sacrifice Canada, you are a true friend and I can understand your reasons for pulling out.

Militants Detained in Wardak, Khwost Double tap, base of the skull.

Heroes' parade to close roads I cant see the good people of Morpeth town complaining about any tempary inconvenience. Welcome home guys.

Italy 'to send 1,000 extra troops' to Afghanistan Thank you Italy, lets hope they get the Pizzas spot on for their arrival.

Benji's home comfort for soldiers A big thank you to Israeli Vice-Premier Moshe Ya'alon and family members of the former Egoz unit company commander and the whole of Israel. G D Bless you.

Black Watch troops march through Inverness
The Royal Regiment of Scotland are on a 'thank you' tour of Scotland following their seven month operation in Afghanistan. Welcome home lads.

Cheveley war memorial desecrated - Military veterans call for justice Jail them by all means after they have had the living sh** kicked out of them

Listen to Chris Finney
who has left the Armed Forces - and retired world champion boxer Joe Calzaghe talk to Phil Williams on BBC Radio 5
A very brave man.

Taliban use donkeys to launch bomb attacks on British troops The cowardly scum, perhaps some aren’t to keen on martyrdom after all?

Yanks are from Mars, Brits are from Venus
Ha Ha very good, but I thought Gordon Brown was from Mars?

Ka-52 visits French Navy Looks a mean piece of kit!

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