Saturday, 21 November 2009

Fire Mission (Suvla)

Tributes paid to flood victim policeman I would like to pay my respects to Workington PC Bill Barker who lost his life whilst protecting the public. Our thoughts are with his family and colleagues. He died a Hero and will be sorely missed by all , RIP.

Bells toll for a grim milestone I fear I will saying this for years to come buts thanks to the people of Wooton Bassatt, RIP our brave soldiers.

Warthog Vehicle Arrives In UK We can never have enough life saving vehicles and lets hope they do what they say on the tin! Lets just hope they haven’t just changed the name from Viking?

Iran to hold drills for protecting atom facilities The Iranians have nothing to beat the IDF.

Standard bearer barred in insurance row
This is a great example of what’s wrong with this Country, the PC Nanny state is destroying the human rights of Madge Covey and others who just want to honour our fallen.

Jeremy Paxman's diplomat brother involved in bizarre flag row They should be grateful we are not shooting at a Spanish flag with one of their ships attached to it, remember what happened last time they tried it on with England?

Flag St George

Liam Fox wants to pull British forces out of Germany as part of a Tory defence "revolution" The world has altered by all recognition since I was a soldier in West Germany with the British army, there to protect the West from a Soviet invasion. I firmly believe that after 70 years its time to leave Germany to herself. We are now a tiny military and cannot Garrison the world any longer. I was so bored at painting the curb stones at 12 Regt RA and sweeping leaves that I volunteered to go to Northern Ireland just to escape the place, there is only so much beer you can drink and grass to paint green in (BAOR) (British Army On The Razz).

Hunter killer sub Astute arrives at her home port The way the weather has been in the County that built her she could quite easily have sailed up the main high street of Cockermouth.

Prime Minister visits Cumbria He was in the middle of writing a letter on the back of a fag packet, but was advised to go in person.

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