Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Fire Mission (Lima One)

Derry Reverend slams Carr I’m with the Reverend on this, its Fire & Brimstone for you Carr! I tell you what would be funny, seeing Carr on You Tube having his head cut off, now that would be a good laugh!

IRA planned to bomb Sandhurst military academy Well this is not some amazing revelation is it, that’s what the IRA did. Its like saying The Labour Party planned to destroy the Identity of the English people!

Karzai Urged To Include Abdullah In Government Abdullah was right not to be involved in this sham fraudulent election, Karzai is just a puppet used to having his strings pulled by the West. I would imagine Gordon Brown would prefer there to be just one candidate in the next General Election in the UK.

Passenger Activated Ejector Seat I think due to air rage and just horrible customers , ejector seats should be fitted to commercial airliners. If you want to be humane give them a parachute!

Thieves steal Scarborough veteran's walking stick as he collects for Poppy Appeal Absolute scum of the earth, it was probably a filthy Socialist from the UAF.

BRAVO Two Zero author, Andy McNab, is to appear at a special event organised by a Kirkham bookshop. It should be worth attending just to watch him smash through the front window wearing his Black kit.

An inch away from death Thank you for your service David Atherton, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Scramble for RAF’s 50-year Royal seal whisky It was rumoured that Gordon Brown was furious that the whiskey could not be seized by the Government as treasure.

Gruesome DNA task We will remember them.

100 homes plan for ex-MoD land
Illegal immigrants have got to live somewhere.

Troops from 4th Battalion The Rifles returned after an extended seven-month tour in Afghanistan Pity that they would be barred from the disgusting Tiger Tiger bars.

Simon Mann receives presidential pardon This is the best news I have heard all year. Man was just used as a scape goat, the likes of Sir Mark Thatcher, got away Scot free. I hope Mr Man writes his memoirs and puts the record straight.

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