Monday, 2 November 2009

Fire Misison (Kilo One)

UK soldier killed in blast named RIP Sgt Olaf Schmid

Gurkha takes pensions battle to High Court All they ask is that they be treated the same as the next soldier, they bleed the same and the die the same in Afghanistan.

Mail for troops will get through I should dam well think so. If need be the fat cat Politicians should fly it over themselves in their private jets.

United States of America LH

USS New York, built with World Trade Centre steel, sailing into its namesake city A Navy assault ship built with steel from the fallen World Trade Centre and named in honour of the city and state that were home to the twin towers is making its inaugural visit there. God Bless the USS New York and all who sail in her.

This magnificent ship puts two fingers up to the Terrorists who attacked her city. The hardness of her steel is only matched by the determination of the American people to never be swayed by those horrific mass murders.

Soldier of 'forgotten war' We will Remember Them.


Mil Blog News

World War I Diary Discovered: Describes British Soldier’s experiences on the front line between 1915 and 1917

Blogger Dena Yllescas Recalls Tragic Day She Learned Her Husband Cpt. Robert Yllescas was Injured (He later succumbed to his Injuries) RIP.

Soldiers` Angels Valour-IT Fundraiser Kicks Off, Runs through Nov. 11: Raises money for technology that reconnects Wounded Warriors

Pediatric Surgeon and Military Blogger Dr. Chris Coppola who Deployed to Iraq, Publishes Book: A Paediatric Surgeon in Iraq

Berkeley blogger Whose Goal in Life was "To Send George Bush to Jail" settles lawsuit against Department of Defence

More Social Media by the Military: Army to launch technology blog


Red Arrows pilot 'destroyed £5 million Hawk jet' Bugger!!

Royal Navy protection for OV2 Ocean Village Two Farewell Cruise - Part 3 - A Special Visit (Featured Blog)

MoD accused of overruling warnings Then once again the MOD has blood on its hands and should be held to account.

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