Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fire Mission (Mike One)

British soldiers Murdered in attack by Afghan policeman

Ministry of Defence says five soldiers died after 'rogue' policeman opened fire in Helmand province RIP

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
Britain mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free.

Its one thing loosing a soldier on the battlefield but to have five of our troops murdered in cold blood by an Afghan policeman is another. Like in Iraq we do not know how many other policemen are sympathetic to the Taliban & Al Qaeda. The British simply cannot afford another Northern Ireland and remain there for 40 plus years. We must remember as I have pointed out from the outset, the terrorist attacks in the UK on 7/7 were carried out by British borne Muslims from the North of England, not Afghanistan. With parallels once again to Northern Ireland the IRA came across the border from the Irish Republic to attack British Forces, the Taliban come across from Pakistan. Public opinion here as in the US will not stand for this slaughter of our young men and woman in uniform indefinitely. If we loose another 10,000 what will we have actually achieved? Even Gordon Browns intelligence and security watchdog
Kim Howells points out ,billions of pounds saved should be redirected to defending the UK from terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda, I agree with him and that’s not often you will hear that from me. Perhaps Gordon will now sack Howells, as he does not like his advice? I will always support our soldiers 100% but I stand on the record now in calling for them to come home.

Soldiers' forum reveals anger and disbelief over latest Afghan deaths
Spiffy was more succinct: "Afghanistan is not worth one British life." I couldn’t agree more Spiffy.

The West Midlands soldiers who have died over the past 12 months These Birmingham soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice for their Country, but if they were alive today they would be turned away from several pubs and clubs in the UK, RIP.

New Tickets for Troops scheme unveiled This is a fabulous new initiative, designed to offer members of the Armed Forces free tickets to major sports, arts and entertainment events, more please, take note Tiger Tiger bar.

Light Dragoons on their way home Welcome home guys your Country is proud of you.

Appeal after poppy collection tin theft
Stolen by a child of new Labour no doubt.

Soldiers storm into charts at number 4 Lets hope they make it to number 1.


Canadians hope for U.S. troop surge Best of luck to our Canadian brothers, you might as well toss a coin to decide what Obama is going to do!

We can't leave Afghanistan until the terror threat has been eradicated What do you suggest dropping a nuke on the place? With all the best will in the world, its impossible to eradicate the threat entirely. Plus we would have to Nuke Pakistan as well and then Iran and so on and so on!

Victory in Afghanistan: Israeli style Interesting view, one the Russians obviously didn’t take on board.

Pakistan Army Battles Into Taliban Stronghold Believe it or not what’s going on in Pakistan is far more important than the War in Afghanistan.

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