Thursday, 22 October 2009

Thursdays Fire Mission (Hotel one)

UK navy forces to return to Iraq Good luck to the Royal Navy and lets hope that this time they don’t get captured by the Iranians, no we will never let them forget.

Israel's shocking lust for luxury Israel’s Defence Minister Ehud Barak is different to Gordon Brown and the rest of the Westminster mafia in one way, he lives in Israel, apart from that all politicians are the same, out for what they can get. Obviously Dannatt fancies a slice of the cake now.

HMS Defender launched as thousands watch by the Clydeside at Govan HMS Defender is a spectacular Type 45 destroyer, God Bless all who sail in her. Watch the Launch and Speech in the below video. Always a magnificent site.

Heroes welcome for our returning forces Welcome home lads your Country is proud of you.

Taliban assassinate Pakistani brigadier as fighting intensifies Pakistan is fast heading towards a full civil war, remember this is a Country with nuclear weapons, the eyes of the world will be keeping a close watch on events in Islamabad.

Pakistani Taliban: whole country is now a war zone


Police probe TA base blast Tony Blair may have pulled down the British Army watch towers and put Gerry Adams in Westminster but even Blair cannot unfortunately stop sectarian hatred.

Navy Remembers Trafalgar Day Happy Trafalgar Day even though I have no doubt that it will be offending someone.

Mystery RAF helicopter lands in Trafford last night Sounds to me like one of the Royal Princes has got a bit on the side in Davyhulme.

100 boxes sent to soldiers A big thank you to Simon Launder and Jason West, I know that these boxes will be a massive moral boost for our boys.

Israel, US rehearse state of the art air defence You cant exactly blame Israel for defending its self against a nut case that wants every Israeli blown off the face of the earth can you?

Singers launch 2009 Poppy Appeal Remember to buy that poppy and help our boys & girls and ex servicemen.

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