Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sundays Fire Mission (Golf One)

Soldiers' Stories tells of the troubles in Northern Ireland from the perspective of the British soldiers who served there between 1969 and 2007, the longest continuous deployment in the history of the British Army.
This was a war against terrorists who knew no mercy or compassion; a war involving sectarian hatred and violent death. Over 1,000 British lives were lost in a place just 30 minutes flying time from the mainland.
This year is the 40th anniversary of the British Army’s arrival in Northern Ireland. They were deployed on 14 August 1969, by the Wilson government, as law and order had broken down and the population was in grave danger. Between then and 2007 some 300,000 British troops served in Northern Ireland. Occasionally they were welcomed; more often, they were spat at, pelted with missiles or shot.
So how did it feel to be a British soldier in Northern Ireland? These are their stories, terrible stories of bombings, killings and heartache over three decades, told for the first time from their own perspective. Monday 26th 9pm I will be watching this.

Anger over Jimmy Carr's joke about war amputees Not at all funny, would he have made such an offensive joke about a victim of the London tube bombings?

Ruining the TA Damian Mercers piece is spot on and I have left a comment on his Blog.


History's road to Waziristan This is an interesting take by David Ignatius and has a lot of truth within it.

Students of history will note that the fearsome Faqir of Ipi eventually died of natural causes in 1960, by then a forgotten man.

I would not be surprised if Bin Laden had also died of natural causes, but after 9/11 he will never be forgotten for his terrorist attacks upon the US

General Sir Richard Dannatt's golf ambitions are hit into the rough I’m sure Dannatt will make a good caddy for David Cameron.

SNP insists on huge military cash boost I’m not surprise the SNP are calling for this as if they ever get independence they will struggle to run a local army cadet force.

N-sub work 'would be low risk' I love this comment from Freethinker over the Water.
 If its that safe why don't they decommission Nuclear Subs on the banks of the River Thames outside the House of Parliament ?

AN RAF jet zoomed overhead as a wreath was dropped into Windermere to mark the launch of the 2009 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in Cumbria I’m surprised the lefties haven’t complained about low flying and polluting Windermere?

Navy surrenders one new aircraft carrier in budget battle An then there was one shortly to be none.

700 homes left empty while MOD bickers over carpets How on earth can the incompetent twits at the MOD win a War in Afghanistan when they cant even manage to fit a few carpets? Laughing stock the lot of them!

Prince Andrew hails Liverpool as a bedrock of the Navy It sounds like Randy Andy has got a few old boilers on the go in the pool!!!

BAOR in Reforger 1975-1991 I like this book, well I would wouldn’t I?

Soldiers from Ulster base reunited with loved ones Welcome home guys, you have done your Country proud

Video of soldier Joe Glenton addressing the London Stop the War demo In my opinion Joe Glenton is very foolish to put it mildly. I think because he is to scared to go to Afghanistan he has jumped in to bed with Britain’s enemies. Did he honestly not realise that Britain was at War before he joined up? The Socialists are loving this, shame on Joe.

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