Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fire Mission (Kilo One)

Commander issued helicopter warning weeks before Afghanistan death Be honest this isn’t really news is it. The news here is more politically motivated as we have another leak to the Conservatives, which I don’t have a problem with as long as the issue is being seriously addressed and not just played lip service to. A good Officer Rupert Thorneloe raised his concerns as was right and proper to do at the time. He is not the only Officer and NCO to raise the issue of Helicopters and he wont be the last. The other reason this helicopter story has been raised again is because sadly Colonel Thorneloe lost his life to an IED. When I served in Northern Ireland there was and area known as Bandit Country near Crossmaglen
This area was deemed so dangerous that troops and police officers could not travel by road, and had to be flown in and out by helicopter. But to win an insurgency we must have boots on the ground, the Soviets had plenty of air assets and it didn’t do them much good. Remember what happened a few days ago with the US helicopter crashes and large loss of life. If the same was to happen to the British army it would have more far reaching consequences politically and military than in Washington. The bottom line is yes we need more helicopters but its not a panacea for everything in Afghanistan.

Boy, 12, was 'youngest British soldier in First World War' What an incredible story to come out of WW1. I am not justifying sending children to War, but it shows that these kids had enormous courage however misguided. Compared to some  12 year olds who are out mugging old woman and getting liver disease from alcohol abuse I know who I prefer.

PTSD Less Common Than Depression And Alcohol Misuse Amongst UK Troops This study only takes into account those that have been diagnosed with PTSD, there are many others suffering in silence, or being misdiagnosed with `Depression` that can be a diagnosis for practically everything. In my view this just makes PTSD look a smaller problem than it really is, in my opinion.

Soldiers turned away from Tiger Tiger bar for wearing uniforms This is just another case of blatant discrimination against our Armed Forces. A perfect reason to Boycott this pub. If you would like to let them know what you think about their decision contact them HERE

Afghan wounded toll approaches 1,000
I would take these figures with a pinch of salt, they will be far more than this.

About 100 soldiers returning from Afghanistan will mark their homecoming with a parade through Liverpool later. Welcome home lads, unlike the Tiger Tiger bar, we really mean it.

Rebels and Traitors by Lindsey Davies This title seems quite apt for today’s traitors that infest Parliament.

£6.7m tribunal payout to ex-RIR part-timers I am happy at this outcome for these brave soldiers that put their lives on the line on daily basis for having worn the Queens uniform.

Falklands veteran is band's special guest Best of luck to Simon who does a wonderful job helping raise much need money this time at a fundraising concert being performed by the Band of the Royal Marines.

The Tommy the Boche couldn't kill: The extraordinary trench diaries of an ordinary soldier Would this tommy have been bared from having a pint after the War because his uniform was unsuitable.?

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