Monday, 21 September 2009

Mondays Fire Mission (Alpha One)

Marines beat Para’s to win Falklands Cup Well done to the Marines, Id like to see them play a rugby game, I’m sure the Para’s would fancy their chances at that.

British troops snapping up e-book viewers? Well you must be able to access some kind of porn on them!

MOD cannot hide work issues behind security concerns Oh dear they wont like this! But if you’re a lefty government they cant exactly complain.

Spanish navy joins search for migrants: minister Knowing our luck they will probably get washed up at Dover alive and well with their hands held out!

Scrapping carrier contract to cost £2bn Why talk of scrapping them? The Socialists wont think nothing of losing £2bn.

Multi-million Pound Support Deal for Royal Navy’s Newest Warships Good news for BVT Surface Fleet and some interesting comments at the foot of this article. Like this one. At the time of the Falklands the RN had about 60 frigates and destroyers – now we have 25.

RAF marks Aldergrove withdrawal The Nationalists will see this as good news. I flew in to Aldergrove in 86 to do a tour of duty.

Katherine is absolutely gorgeous and talented as well, she is a massive moral booster for our troops and me as well.

A British military team has just completed the first ever course to train Combat Camera Teams for Afghan National Security Forces. Apparently Bob Bollocks Ainsworth wanted a go at taking photos when he visited troops, he spent all day snapping away and took over 300 photos, sadly he had forgotten to take the lens caps off!

No defence for Trident cost says Greenpeace Tell you what Greenpeace if you can get , Iran , N. Korea, China, Russia , ect to cancel theirs we will cancel ours?

Three U.S. soldiers die in Afghanistan RIP

Stoning and flogging introduced in Indonesian province You wont see lefty groups demonstrating about public flogging for homosexuality, surely Mandelson should be up in arms about this, but alas No, a deafening silence. Lets pick on the EDL is the much easier option.

How Do We Find Housing For Ex Service Personnel? He could always pretend he is an Asylum seeker and be put up in 5star luxury quicker than he can chuck up a salute.

A set of Victorian military medals worth £1,850 was sold for just £18.50 after a part-time shop assistant misread the price tag. Bargain of the day, I only hope they were not bought by a Socialist.

Commander Warns Of 'Mission Failure' This is music to the Taliban’s ears and with Italy wanted to withdraw their troops and the stomach for a long War not there here or in the US things do look bleak.

New Zealand special air service troops arrive in Afghanistan But these lads will help!

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