Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tuesdays Fire Mission (Echo)

£330,000 for injured soldier This is perfect example of why the Armed Forces compensation scheme needs a major overhaul. I have sympathy for
Charles Bradlaugh who has hearing loss and tinnitus in his left ear. I myself suffer from the very same condition due to us putting cleaning rags in our lugs during basics training as in those days the wearing of ear plugs was never enforced. I had 12 months of this in Juniors and I would say this is where my problems come from. But when you put this award next to the MOD and their disgraceful decision they took to the High Court to reduce the amount of compensation paid to two seriously-injured soldiers, one of whom had been shot, whose combined payout was less than £75,000, it proves there is something very wrong with the system. When the Conservatives get in power they need to address this problem with the greatest urgency. I wish Mr Bradlaugh the best of luck and do not begrudge him his award, it’s the system that’s wrong.

New prison to house sex offenders When we get all the vermin safely tucked up in the 5 star luxury maybe we should call the RAF back to do one last bombing run on their old base using live ordnance, preferably white Phosphorus.

The Nuremberg Judgment We need an International Military Tribunal here for the Traitors in the Socialist Labour Party that have done far more damage to Britain than Hitler ever did!

Russia sees U.S. space threat, builds new rocket Last one to Mars is a rotten egg!

Canada National Flag

U.S. general vows to support Canada in Kandahar The only way U.S. General Stanley McChrystal can do all of this is with more boots on the ground.

Polish soldier killed in Afghanistan Poland's Defense Ministry says a Polish soldier has been killed in an exchange of fire with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Thank you for your sacrifice Poland, RIP Capt. Daniel Ambrozinski

Two helicopters to return from service in Iraq Glad to have the helicopters and more importantly the pilots back safely.

Chinooks will fly too late for Afghanistan It looks like the Canadian DOD are taking a leaf out of the British MODs book!

Air crews' requests for armour rejected This is typical of the MOD they don’t think the lives our brave crews are worth £100,000 per aircraft.

Briton facing death penalty in Iraq 'suffering from stress' If they want to the British Government can put pressure on the Iraqi Government and let Darren Hoare serve his sentence in the UK. It poses the question , how many other security contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan have mental health problems? I personally know of one soldier that was over there who had PTSD.

Gordon Brown says world must act after Burma 'sham' The Red Robot is far more concerned about pro-democracy activist Aung Sang Suu Kyi than any UK citizen facing the death penalty.

Funeral for 'complete soldier' RIP Corporal Joseph Etchells.

Battling To Rebuild From PANTHER'S CLAW(Video) A major offensive to remove the Taliban from key towns and villages in central Helmand involved British troops in fierce fighting against Taliban insurgents.
Ten British soldiers were killed and more were injured during Operation PANCHAI PALANG (PANTHER'S CLAW).

47th Tank Regiment veteran remembers African battle We will never forget the sacrifices Richard Tuson and his mates made for our Country.

A Dedicated Mum You’re a great Mum Christine Bonner, Im so sorry for your loss, RIP Darren.

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