Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sundays Fire Mission

Operation Panther's Claw: how British troops are hunting the Taliban to the end They should be given as much time and equipment as they need to finish the job.

Government has no excuse over avoidable deaths Apart from the fact that the Government are Military hating flag burning Socialists who despise our Nation, no excuse whatsoever.

Prince William's 'bullying' dean is investigated by the RAF The unscrupulous Sunday Tabloids will have a field day with this story and have the Dean dressed as Hitler with Prince William as Himmler no doubt, they will also throw in some sick sex story as well I would imagine?

Cameron Attacks Brown Over Afghanistan And so should Cameron as well, he is the next PM in waiting isn’t he? Lets hope when and if he gets into Office his words turn in to Helicopters and the crucial equipment our boys need to do the job. I believe the US Marines have a similar number or troops in Helmand as the British but they have over 100 Chinooks compared to the measly 10 we have. The Americans have spare capacity, so the British politicians should bite the bullet and lease some as a temporary measure until we can get our own into theatre.

Cameron Attacks Brown Over Afghanistan (Video)

Hutton enters Afghan troops row It makes you wonder why my local MP wasn’t so vocal when he was in charge of defence. I think now he has stepped down he just wants to damage the Red Robot.

A day with the Royal Marines I think we should make all off our MPS do this course before they even get a sniff of an expenses claim form!

WE'RE BUYING 'WRONG' JETS Well said Mike, but a bit like Hutton I doubt if we would have heard these comments while you were still in uniform at least Dannat has balls.

The defence cuts bleeding our forces dry Bleeding being the operative word.

Destroyer opens hatches to public (Video) Well now we have a destroyer. I wonder if she will ever see service in the South Atlantic protecting the Falkland Islands? Probably not and will stay in the Caribbean no doubt chasing pirates sunburn and hang-overs!

Hendon street party honours Britain's wounded war heroes Well done Hendon, I’m surprised that this party wasn’t broken up by the police after an illegal immigrant near by mistook a union flag for a BNP meeting.

BRING IN THE AIR CAVALRY `Apocalypse Now` British style.

Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea An attack on Iran is growing closer every day, the West is relying upon dissidents within Iran to help with a counter insurgency. Boots on the ground well that’s another matter we have our hands full with Afghanistan .

Labour faces setback in by-election Labour will definitely loose this seat they cant even be bothered to even fight for it.

My boy Jack: Father’s grief (and anger) at the death of his gallant son in Afghanistan A tragic story RIP Jack Sadler.

Britain plans for its own NASA Ha Ha funniest thing I have read all day, we will soon be a third world Country!

Taliban heroin factory destroyed in night assault I suppose British MPS will have other ways of getting their drugs?

MOD TO FAST-TRACK TANKS FOR AFGHANISTAN When has the MOD ever fast tracked anything in its existence, apart from the Christmas Party?

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