Friday, 13 March 2009

Fridays Fire Mission

United Kingdom

Arrows Honour Hero Soldiers
If only more people had the spirit of 70 year old Helen Burgess.

Providing Better Forces Accommodation
Our forces should never again live in accommodation that an Asylum seeker would turn his nose up at!

Heli Pilot Shortage For Army
I wish I was young enough to train to fly on of these awesome machines.

Only one RAF Nimrod 'fit to fly'
Along with a Socialist Government not fit to Govern.

My son is proud to be British, claims father of Muslim protester who hurled abuse at homecoming troops If Jalal Ahmed is proud to be British then I am voting Labour at the next General election and becoming a Socialist and getting rid of my Cross of St George in case it causes offence to any foreign neighbours I may have.

Iraqi pilot wins RAF wings
Congratulations to Lieutenant Ali Kareem I hope he has a long and safe career as a pilot.

Campaigners up for Haslar showdown Best of luck to the Campaigners we need hospitals like Haslar now more than ever.

TRIBUTE TO ‘THE BEST OF BRITISH I cant understand why Brown Fascist police force would be `stunned` by British people welcoming home our Heroes.

Brum business giants back Badge of Honour campaign
I feel the tide is slowly turning, well done to all involved , lets get behind our boys &girls in uniform.

Group linked to NI dissidents signals no let-up My Father God rest his soul never spoke much about the troubles, but I remember him saying to me one day “They will never stop the killing over there.” I thought he might have been wrong until recently.

Dublin gangs supplied the guns used in both attacks

Well it seems that they only understand violence.

Public appeal by MI5 on web

British Bomb Squad in Taliban Ambush Very brave men saving lives. Heroes one and all.

Keeping Harriers Flying over Afghan'

This must be a priority

Marshall boost for troops in Afghanistan This is good news for the Viking BVS10 All Terrain Vehicle and the guys on the ground.

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