Monday, 16 February 2009

Mondays Fire Mission

A RESEARCHER is trying to track down a World War Two hero who survived two plane crashes.
Can anyone help? Anyone with information can contact Mr Burke via email [email protected] or [email protected]

At 92, Forces' Sweetheart to Tell All Dame Vera Lynn was a sexy woman and definitely boosted the moral of the troops during WW2.

Barack Obama sends bust of Winston Churchill on its way back to Britain The Socialists in America snub Winston Churchill.

New wetlands on Army's only nature reserve This just goes to show that the military and nature can work in harmony if they so wish.

Army Beats Services on Skis Well done the Army, I thought the Marines would have had some good skiers!

Burnley airman's love letters to Whalley sweetheart published 66 years on To make up for not mentioning Valentines yesterday I thought readers might like this lovely romantic story.

Navy defends suppercarrier delay It just isn’t going to happen!!! The scaled down version is below.

Step back to experience the Second World War This is great , we should never allow the Socialists to eradicate our history and National pride.For more information on the Step Back in Time activities, or on the museum itself, visit or call 020 8358 4896. AOTA-Airfields On the Air:

Army returns to an old tactic to defeat resurgent Taliban: sniping Its not an old tactic, it has always been used in Afghanistan, the lefty press make it sound like a panic measure, but then they always give solace to the enemy.

Pictured: The supergun that kills from a mile - and the camouflaged crackshots using it against the Taliban A more right wing take on sniping.

Made to measure: Army sniper Yuppie in his home-made camouflage suit above

Deadly: The rifle is known as 'The Long' and can take out insurgents from a mile away

Life-saving Sentinel R1 spy planes grounded by lack of crews Obviously not a lot of Asylum seekers coming here with pilot licenses?

Scotland takes lead on convalescent facilities for forces personnel Sounds good but will they treat Englishmen North of the border? Only joking!

US army 'wants more immigrants' Well we have millions they can have here in the UK.

US military laptops, other gear filtering out to black market The DOD have been learning quickly from the MOD when it comes to laptops.

Army service to be path to U.S. citizenship If we adopted this policy we would have the biggest land army in the world, we just need Gordon Brown stood at the end of the tunnel in Dover handing out uniforms and passports and sending them to Brize Norton and most of them back to Afghanistan, it just might work?

"Passing-in" parade for hundreds of young soldiers I have never heard of a “Passing-in" parade, I suppose they will “pass out” later down the pub? Good luck to them all anyway.

Iran says air force move to boost defence capability Remember Saddams air force? Exactly!

More cannon fodder for coalition pilots, bring it on!

Three soldiers die in road accident Whether our soldiers are killed in action or in a tragic accident like this one it makes no difference to their colleagues and family and friends, RIP.

Will Obama slash the military budget? Well considering Obama is from the extreme left in US politics I would have to say yes to this question. The Socialists in the UK have practically destroyed our military, so I cant see him being any different. If he does this I believe he will be voted out next time around as the US public are not so forgiving as the British public.

IDF troops neutralize explosive device on Gaza border This War might not be on our TV screens every day, but its still going on and will do for some time to come. I fear this conflict is even more problematic than the Northern Ireland one.

US Missile Strike Kills Militants Nice to hear a little bit of good news for a change, I wish they would stop calling terrorists Militants, something I believe the BBC thought up?

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