Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesdays Fire Mission

Afghan foreign minister unhappy with Clinton
(RG) Waydago Hillary, imagine if she had won the Presidency?

Woman, 81, killed in street mugging 'ignored by passers-by as she called for help' (RG) The reason she was ignored is because people don’t care anymore, plus if they came to the aid of this unfortunate woman and injured her attacker they would be arrested by the police and probably have to pay damages to the mugger? The Socialists have done a great job don’t you think?

Diabetic pensioner dies in custody after police mistake him for a drink driver (RG) What an utter disgrace yet again by the plod, I’m surprise they never tazered the poor soul first ? Apparently one officer had no first aid training for 25 years. Obviously not very high on plods lists of priorities.

Dressed up as Bin Laden and the Ku Klux Klan, our future Army officers show off their sick idea of fun(RG) Are we sure Harry wasn’t under that sheet?

Why Britain is the least racist nation in Europe, equalities watchdog Trevor Phillips says
(RG) Oh dear the Lefties wont like this outburst! Then again he can change his mind next week.

Pay-as-you-throw taxes approved for WHOLE country... without MPs' vote (RG) We live in a dictatorship, they don’t need the mandate of the people.

Army Reshape To Offer Better Deal (RG) Lets hope so , they need to address large numbers of troops leaving the military after serving in Afghanistan. A recession might add a few more men but, better pay and larger breaks between tours is essential to keep our military as one of the best in the world.

There is something going on in America today? (RG) Is it the superbowl?

British military policewoman who 'worked as prostitute' forced out of Army (RG) Killjoy bosses , don’t they know there is a recession? Perhaps she could have thrown in some freebies for her CO?

Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns have caused 'strain and stress' on forces - John Hutton (RG) Like politicians throughout the ages he suggested that more men and women should join the Army because it was a "fine and honourable thing to be a British soldier". Yes John as long as its not your children that are risking death in Afghanistan.

Blog of the day (RG)A very humbling read.
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