Saturday, 17 January 2009

Saturdays Fire Mission

Final Nimitz-class carrier is commissioned ahead of completion
(RG) It would be nice to have one of these in the Royal Navy, we can only look on in awe at a true superpower.

Apache crews return from Afghanistan
(RG) You have done a tremendous job guys, well done and have a great well earned rest.

Now Channel 4 gets a dwarf drunk on television
(RG) When I first read this I assumed George Galloway had gone back in the house.

Two British soldiers killed in Afghanistan may have died from 'friendly fire'
(RG) I hope this Is not the case for obvious reasons, especially the `friendly forces` who pulled the trigger and have to live with their actions for the rest of their lives. However they died they gave their lives for their Country and will be sorely missed RIP

'An Englishman's home is his castle': Britain's top judge warns burglars they face tougher sentences
(RG) Yeah its called death if they come in my f****** house!

Woman, 81, murdered by mugger for just her umbrella and an empty plastic bag
(RG) Welcome to Browns Britain , bring back the noose.

Headteacher caught with child porn on school laptop is jailed for six months
(RG) Testicles and a scalpel come to mind, another product of the left wing teachers union and liberalism. The country is full of nasty little perverts like the one who keeps abusing me on here and elsewhere, one day they will all get what’s coming to them!

Britain's 'completely useless' Trident nuclear deterrent will be a £20bn waste of money, say retired generals
(RG) Oh now you tell us, these retired Generals are full of it once they are safely out of the military with their pension cheque safely stashed away. What is a waste of money is the MOD and the Labour party and you don’t have to retire to work that one out.

Will the shine come off the Tony Blair brand?
(RG) I didn’t think you could polish a turd?

He may have saved the world economy, but Mr Brown shows he could do with brushing up on his ping pong skills
(RG) I’m surprised labour haven’t changed the name of ping pong insisting it is racist in some way? Here is one Socialist without a care in the world.

Quangos 'spend more than £1bn on spin in a year'
(RG) Here is Socialism at its very worst. How many armoured vehicles would this provide for our troops in Afghanistan? The cheeky Labour w****** say that the Gurkhas are not cost effective.

£1billion MoD PC blunders
(RG) How much longer do we have to suffer these incompetent fools?

Sick txts sent to
Israel... from UK
(RG) Sadly this does not surprise me as I believe the UK is a haven for terrorism due to Socialist lax immigration policies.

Some Israeli Conscripts Refuse to Fight (RG) Cowards, they have shamed themselves and should never have been in the IDF in the first place. The Israelis should deport them to Gaza.