Saturday, 15 November 2008

Good Night And God Bless All Our Forces

Name: Sergeant First Class Erik "Iceman" Westmoreland
Age: 32
Occupation: US Army Special Forces
Appearance: Erik is tall (6"2), lean(185), and blond-haired. From months in the desert, he has a full beard and a dark tan.
Personality: Erik is a sarcastic guy, with a manner that is usually cold as ice. Rarely does he allow his emotions to surface. After spending ten years in the U.S. Army, he was killed in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, after his team of Afghani soldiers were ambushed by insurgents. He led his men into the only available cover and, seeing some of his men were wounded and left in the open, dragged them to safety, being wounded in the arm and neck while doing so. When an enemy mortar began lobbing shells into their position, he flanked the mortars, eliminated the crews with aimed fire from his M4 carbine, and then while returning to his position was mortally wounded in the lungs and stomach by an enemy machinegun crew. While bleeding badly, he operated the M203 grenade launcher on his carbine and lobbed shells into enemy positions until helicopter support arrived. He died before he could be airlifted out. His posthumous Medal of Honor citation stated that he killed upwards of 20 insurgents single-handedly.

It looks like this post I made back in 2008, may not be accurate? I’m sure that the picture is that of a genuine American soldier in Afghanistan, but I would like to apologise if it has caused any offence. We should never use actual living soldiers photographs in any role-play scenario, we should never trivialise War. It just shows that I should have done more research

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