Monday, 7 April 2008

Gerber Yari II Knife

Eric Daniel says "For the longest time I’ve been wanting to try out a “tanto” style knife but I never got around to it. Given the chisel-like point, I figured that they would be good for prying as well as brute force penetrating things like sheet metal, wood and masonry. The Cold Steel entry rekindled that interest, but I didn’t want a knife that big; I already had a big tool, what I was looking for was something small, yet strong, that I could use for probing and digging."
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(RG) A nice little weapon this. I would highly recommend this knife to British Old Age Pensioners going to the Post Office (Sorry we don’t have them anymore) to fight off the scum of the earth feral teenage gangs trying to mug them.

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Alex said...

Hello there. Why do you think we are still using the L85 rifles, sir?

Rogue Gunner said...

I have not personally used the L85 in combat Alex but I know the earlier version did have many faults. I have spoken to Infantry soldiers who have used this weapon recently in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have great confidence in its ability, its has taken a while but I bow to the guys on the grounds judgement about this weapon. Thanks for checking out my Blog.