Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Royal Artillery present to the Taliban.


Saw a kid in a gas mask today
Five years old- maybe four
Stole a Hershey bar from the remains
of a burnt down store.

Riot gear and hopscotch
Slingshots and hand grenades.

Well, that kid- with that precious chocolate in hand
He found a soldier, lying on the ground
And there, he kneeled down
The soldier had a gun shot wound
And bits of shrapnel in his small intestine
In his hand,
From the waist down, he began to grow numb

And that kid in that gas mask
He looked down with a bit of pity
On the soldier with the seeping wound
He took PITY on that soldier's
poor, unfortunate life.

He took that candy bar from his back pocket,
And he GAVE that dying soldier his chocolate.
That soldier- he had a tear in his eye..

He looked up in the gas mask glass,
and saw his reflection!
He smiled wide,
and with sincere, yet trembling inflection
said, ‘Thanks kid.'

And that kid, he saw that smile-
and he pondered on it for awhile.

'That's ok. I'm going to steal a TV now instead'

LT.David Martin
United States Marines Special Warfare and counter-terrorism
US Special Operations Command MCSOCOM

© LT.David Martin
LT.David Martin's Portfolio!

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Monday, 26 February 2007

Royal Highland Fusiliers in the Falklands

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Falklands War

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.


I wrote this poem because I was saddened and angered by the fact that ex-serviceman make up a a quarter of all the homeless people in the UK Once our men & woman have served their purpose they are thrown on the scrap heap. How can this country begin to help veterans with PTSD when they cant even offer them shelter. These men are proud and don’t like to beg for nothing that’s why they fend for themselves on the streets of Britain. Most would be better off in Prison as they will be fed and have a roof over their heads. Lets not forget even the most successful in life can end up destitute. Next time you see a man sleeping rough of the streets just remember he may have been serving his country in Iraq & Afghanistan recently surely he deserves better.

Shuffling down the street trying to keep warm
The water was in his sock now, his boots seen better days
As he had many moons ago when bristling with pride and youth
Now hunched against a railway bridge his collar chaffed his neck
Smiling down at him a Labour poster promising him a future
Laughing he coughed up phlegm and spat it at the face
Trying to stand, pain shot up his spine
His mind propelled him back in time
Top cover in Basra a road side bomb `BANG` it all went black
Rain lashed the veteran’s face as he limped into the emptiness
Looking back at the phlegm he giggled like he did in the block with his mates
"Shot Over," "Splash Over" he was happy for a while.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Falklands veteran becomes reef.

A frigate which served in the Falklands War has been sunk as an artificial reef and diving attraction in Island Bay, off Wellington in New Zealand.
The sinking went exactly to plan, HMNZS Wellington settling upright in 20m of water and with her bow pointing into the currents of the Cook Strait. Her bridge can be seen from the surface, so the new wreck should make a good site for experienced and newly qualified divers alike.
Launched in 1968 as Britain's HMS Bacchante, the ship served in the Falklands War of 1982, acting as a guard ship off both San Carlos Sound and Port Stanley. She escaped serious harm in a conflict that saw the sinking of two frigates, two destroyers and a landing ship, bad damage to another destroyer, and close calls for two more ships hit by bombs which failed to explode. Read It Here

(RG) What do you think about HMS Bacchante ending up a reef in New Zealand? Are there any Falklands veterans out there that sailed on her, what are your thoughts. I suppose in one way its sad, but everything has its day eventually, on the other hand if your into diving you can always have a nice holiday and revisit a proud ship.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Falklands - 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition Commemorative Badge

Veterans and others may be interested in purchasing the above commemorative badge. Click here to order

The Falklands War was fought in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. The Falkland Islands consist of two large and many small islands in the South Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina. The ownership of these islands has been long disputed.
The war was triggered by the occupation of South Georgia by Argentina on 19th March 1982 followed by the occupation of the Falklands, and ended with Argentine surrender on 14th June 1982. War was not declared by either side. The initial invasion was considered by Argentina as reoccupation of its own territory, and by Britain as an invasion of a British dependency. It is the most recent invasion of British territory by a foreign power. In the period leading up to the war, Argentina was in the midst of a devastating economic crisis and large-scale civil unrest against the repressive military junta that was governing the country. The Argentine military government, headed by General Galtieri, decided to play off long-standing feelings of nationalism by invading the islands, although they never thought that the United Kingdom would respond. The ongoing tension between the two countries over the islands increased on 19th March when 50 Argentines landed on the British dependency of South Georgia and raised their flag. On 2nd April, Galtieri ordered the invasion of the Falkland Islands, triggering the Falklands War.
Britain was initially taken by surprise by the Argentine attack on the South Atlantic islands, but launched a naval task force to engage the Argentine Navy and Air Force, and retake the islands. The British eventually prevailed and the islands remained under British control. However, as of 2007, Argentina shows no sign of relinquishing its claim to the Falkland Islands.
Of the 28,000 British airmen, sailors and soldiers who were dispatched to the South Atlantic in May of 1982, 252 did not return. The total Argentinian losses during the war were 649 service personnel.
Of the 255 British men and women killed during the Falklands War the losses were apportioned as follows;
123 British Army personnel, 88 Royal Navy, 10 Royal Fleet Auxiliary, 9 Merchant Navy, 25 Royal Marines, 1 RAF, and 3 women civilian casualties. The most senior rank killed was Lieutenant Colonel Jones VC who was killed while leading his troops at the Battle of Goose Green.
A total of 777 personnel were wounded during the war of which 581 were evacuated to the hospital ship Uganda, 569 were evacuated to the United Kingdom through Montevideo.
Most of the dead were returned to Britain after the war had ended. This was the first time ever that the British Government had returned the remains of service personnel killed over seas. Until the Falklands War all remains of British servicemen killed overseas remained in whatever far off country they had fallen. 23 bodies did remain in the Falklands and are buried at the " Blue Beach" Military Cemetery at San Carlos not far from where 3rd Commando Brigade had its headquarters until the breakout. Many of the bodies of the men who died at sea were never found and the ships on which they served and died on have became their everlasting and official memorial.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Soldiers talking about bringing their pets to Iraq.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Prince Harry pays £1,000 for own Army kit

PRINCE Harry has had to spend more than £1,000 on extra kit for duty in Iraq in a damning indictment of the funding of British forces.
The 22-year-old royal — third in line to the throne — bought at least TEN items considered vital for his tour in war-torn Maysan province in May.
But scores of junior-ranking troops in Harry's Blues and Royals regiment have complained they simply cannot afford the equipment. Read It Here

(RG) Sadly I am not surprised at this, when I was a serving soldier buying your own kit was common practice. Unlike our American counterparts where they are issued with $1,000 ray bans and generally want for nothing including ammunition, the Brits have to make do with what they can beg steal or borrow, When you think we are not talking about a boy scout camping holiday we are talking about life and death. Unfortunately for Harry if he wants to be a British soldier he has to experience the disgraceful lack of equipment. Welcome to the real world of the MOD Harry, you couldn’t ask your Granny for a whip round for some body armour for the lads could you?

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Death of a Royal Marine.

It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence has confirmed the death of Royal Marine Scott Summers, aged 23, of 42 Commando Royal Marines, on 21 February 2007 as a result of injuries sustained in a road traffic accident earlier this month in Afghanistan.Read It Here

(RG) Another tragedy for the family of Scott Summers he may have died as result of a road traffic accident but he died a hero RIP.

American armada prepares to take on Iran

Read It Here

(RG) Well come on there is only two wars going on at the moment not hardly Armageddon, don’t worry this one wont involve British Troops (Non Left) I suppose Imadinnerjacket should be very happy about events he can now `Destroy America and Israel` cant he? The socialist Marxist great unwashed can get their banners dusted off,George Galloway should go strap himself to an Iranian reactor. Democracy it’s a lovely thing!

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Friday, 23 February 2007

A vid to get the lads ready for Afghanistan.

Heart beating magazines full adrenaline rush almost ecstatic
Not alone my brothers here, no fear no fear
Silence attacks my ears
Nervous clicking of the safety catches
Glancing to my left Smith smiles nervously thumbs up
To my left Taffy spits and wipes his brow
I’m in good company , the company of men
My mates my pisshead nut cases
Dance Of The Flaming Arsoles
Zulu Warriors
The sons Of Britain
Fix Bayonets
Lets fucking do em!

(RG) "The good old days before defence cuts"

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

`Reid Briefs the troops.`

Nice One Theo Spark

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

More troops for War in Afghanistan.

More than 1,000 extra British troops are expected to be sent to Afghanistan to combat an expected spring offensive by the Taliban, according to reports.
The Guardian says the Defence Secretary Des Browne will announce the £250m move on Monday.

(RG) As I had reported earlier on this cynical political ploy of withdrawing a few token troops by His Royal Highness Lord Blair (I think he paid for that title) it is simply a rotation of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. There is blanket coverage of every incident within Iraq but the real story is in Afghanistan where a full scale War is raging. The reason the US didn’t complain about the British cutting and running from Iraq is the fact that we are not, the truth is we are there for the long haul. Be prepared for some grim casualties coming from Afghanistan during the winter I hope most of them are wearing turbans and I wish our forces well. If your going to have a War make sure your troops are well supplied and have the correct body armour and don’t let any reporters within a hundred miles of your position or you could find yourself on a court martial for shooting the enemy.Read It Here

RAF Winning hearts and minds video

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran

Thursday, 22 February 2007


© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

For sale, diary of a soldier's hell at the Somme.

It was the worst day of slaughter in British military history.
After five hours of fighting, more than 57,000 officers and infantrymen lay dead or wounded, cut down by German machine guns or obliterated by shells.
For sale, diary of a soldier's hell at the Somme.
Now a vivid and harrowing first-hand account of the Battle of the Somme has emerged. It was written by Private Walter Hutchinson, a grocer from South Yorkshire, who kept a diary during his time on the Western Front. Read It Here

(RG)I am a soldier who has experienced War but I cannot have an inkling of the sheer hell that Private Walter Hutchinson and his comrades went through in the stinking hell hole of the Somme. This was supposed to be the War to end all Wars. I would suggest our politicians should read this harrowing account next time they are lying on a beach at the tax payers expense, spend a thought for the Walter Hutchinsons of the world.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

SAS to guard Harry in Iraq

SAS minders will shadow Prince Harry when he serves in Iraq.
The 22-year-old is to be sent to the war zone with his men this year, the Ministry of Defence confirmed today.
The prince had told friends he would quit if he was denied the chance of active service and has got his way. But such is the concern for his safety, with insurgents viewing him as a high-profile target, that SAS men will be deployed to guard him.Read It Here I told you so.
Watch Sky New Report

(RG) Im sure Harry will be embarrassed about having baby sitters but thats the price of being a Royal. I would be quite happy about the extra security if I was a non VIP soldier.
`Breaking news` Gazza wants to be Harrys bodyguard

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Another Royal Marine killed in Afghanistan.

It is with deep regret that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of a Royal Marine in Afghanistan today, Wednesday 21 February 2007.Read It Here RIP.
Royal Marine killed in Afghanistan named

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Traumatized US soldiers being treated in 'virtual Iraq'

Traumatized US soldiers are being treated for post-war psychological disorders by going out on patrol in a computer-generated ``virtual Iraq`` Skip Rizzo, a psychologist at the University of Southern California, has helped create a program that simulates life in the war zone for Iraq veterans suffering from conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
The ground-breaking treatment allows soldiers to experience the sights, sounds and even the smells of a war-zone, courtesy of wrap-around goggles linked to a startlingly realistic virtual world
.Read It Here

(RG) As I am not medically qualified I can only give my humble opinion on this treatment as an ex-soldier who has been diagnosed with PTSD. I think I can understand where Skip Rizzo is coming from with his what I would consider controversial treatment, but it is in my opinion a very risky option, but then having PTSD especially untreated PTSD is risky as well so at least there are avenues being explored. We are all different and progress can be made by some not by others. I suppose like our Governments way of treating PTSD (Wait and see if a civilian GP picks it up) its better than ignorance and neglect. I hope this treatment helps even one veteran, but I just don’t know, the jury is out on this one. Thanks to Andrew for bringing this to my attention.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

The new veterans minister.

"I wonder if I could use carrier budgies in Afghanistan?"

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Army vehicle plan 'unachievable'

Tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money has been spent developing a new generation of armoured fighting vehicles that may never reach the battlefield, MPs have warned.
Nine years after the Army's requirement for a new fleet of medium-weight vehicles was identified in the 1998 Strategic Defence Review, the Commons defence committee warns that it may simply be "unachievable".
In the meantime, the Ministry of Defence has been forced to spend millions more on a series of "stop-gap" vehicles for troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Future Rapid Effect System (Fres) programme was supposed to deliver 3,000 battlefield vehicles capable of being rapidly deployed to trouble spots around the globe.
Read It Here

(RG) Once again another absolute disgrace at this shocking negligence on behalf of our Government. If this was a civilian company that was 10 years behind schedule with a product that cost the share holders Tens of millions then heads would have rolled, but these incompetent imbeciles that work in the MOD continue to under achieve their targets and put lives at risk infact '10-year wait on armoured vehicles cost 30 lives' If Boeing or airbus for example new there was a problem with their passenger planes and spent the next 10 years twiddling their thumbs whilst crashes occurred there would be prison sentences at the end of it all, but its ok to let British soldiers die. I’m sure that these Labour ministers would not accept it if their armoured limos they swan around in had armour made out of wet cardboard, or their bodyguards had dodgy ammo made in Pakistan in their weapons. At the very least this Government is guilty of manslaughter. We require vehicles like the Panther I have posted above.It seems that not only is an armoured vehicle plan `unachievable` so is competant civil servants and MPs in Government.As I have said before if you dont give the soldiers the tools to complete the mission then bring them home.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

British Troops Out Of Iraq?

Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to announce the withdrawal of some of Britain's 7,000 troops from Iraq.
Mr Blair is about to announce that 1,500 servicemen and women will leave within weeks, with 3,000 home by Christmas, according to reports in The Sun.

(RG) Well it must be true if its in the Sun (spit) There must be elections on the horizon, is that a photo of the PM without any body amour? Hmmmmmmnnnn. Read It Here Or maybe this is just a snide way of redeploying troops to Afghanistan?

Lives lost in 2006
New York Times Take on Things

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

3 Commando Brigade batter the Taliban.

Pictures have emerged of British forces in Afghanistan claiming success in one of the largest offensives against the Taliban seen so far.
Commanders said Operation Glacier captured crucial enemy positions in Garmsir, in the dangerous southern province of Helmand
More than 250 British troops, mostly from 3 Commando Brigade of the Royal Marines, were involved in the operation.

(RG) Its great to see 3 Commando Brigade the same Brigade that I landed on the Falkland Islands with in 1982 having success against a determined Taliban. They will have a long hard winter ahead of them and despite the lack of equipment will never take a backward step whether its fighting the Taliban or the Argentineans, God speed lads and take care.Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Big Brother Britain

"Just empty your pockets Sir"

COUNCIL tax snoopers want to know where you go on holiday, what you eat and even whether you use a dating agency.
They will note if you have a pet and who you vote for.
A list of 287 intimate details to be pored over by town hall spies includes how much you earn, and even whether you do the crossword.

(RG)Britain has the most CCTV cameras in the western world but New Stalinist Labour are not happy with that they want to know everything about its citizens. I can go along with certain measures if its for National security but this is just taking the piss, infact they will probably have a piss tax next(Dodgy Bladder me skint) and a fresh air tax, as I live in Cumbria I will pay more than someone in London. I just wonder how certain religious faiths in the UK will feel about these intrusions? By that I do not mean Christian of course as that faith doesn’t seem to matter to Blair/Brown. Yeah the tax Taliban are here. My advice to any British citizen who has the money is to get the fuck out while you can.
Read It Here
Blair Gunman courtesy of the Spine

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, the BBC has learned.
It is understood that any such attack - if ordered - would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres.
Read It Here

(RG) Is nothing secret anymore? I remember when the BBC got a few more British Paratroopers killed during the battle for Goose Green by broadcasting their attack on the world service.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Monday, 19 February 2007

South Atlantic Adventures - Part Four

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Bart says.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

South Atlantic Adventures - Part Three

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

More Troops needed for Iraq.

The Army is making preparations to protect Prince Harry as he prepares to deploy to Iraq, it is reported.
Harry is due to leave for a tour of duty with the Household Cavalry Regiment in early June, according to The Sun newspaper.(Spit)
The Metropolitan Police protection officer assigned to him has already flown to Iraq to discuss his security while in a war zone, the newspaper reported.

(RG) And there was Blair thinking he could start to reduce British troops in Iraq, now it seems if Harry is going we will need to build a fort with an atomic bomb proof under ground bunker then send the whole of the SAS to secure a 50 mile exclusion zone. Harry can then dress up in his combats like Mr Ben and direct his soldiers via a satellite link, call in a few air strikes on the bad guys have lunch specially prepared by his butler and then be awarded his medal and flown back to the palace in time to have supper with Granny whilst watching Last Of The Summer Wine.Only joking Im sure Harry will do a great job as do all the lads regardless of rank, stay safe.

Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Round-the-clock ops plan by Blair.

Round-the-clock surgery could be introduced as part of a renewed bid to cut NHS waiting times to a maximum of 18 weeks being unveiled by Tony Blair.

(RG) Blair had this brainwave after a late night selling honours to South American Socialist dictators.On entering number 10 he could hear screaming and smashing noises coming from the bedroom. Blair said Cherie was going berserk shouting at a 14th century mirror “I’m the first fucking lady and I’m hideous” I tried to calm her down but she was foaming at the mouth it was a terrifying sight. She grabbed me by the balls and said “You better sell some more fucking honours and get this face sorted” Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Sail Away - The last remains of the British Empire

Blair would like to see it all gone unless him and the Witch can get a freeby holiday out of it.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Justice 90 Years to late.

Two First World War soldiers shot for cowardice but pardoned 90 years later have been formally honoured on a war memorial.
The granddaughter of one of the men said her family now had the chance to "put everything to rest and carry on with our lives".

(RG)It is only right and fitting that these me have been pardoned. Some of these men were suffering from Shell Shock or in today’s parlance PTSD. The tragedy of these men being murdered by the Crown is the fact that 90 years ago they went to their graves in the eyes of this country as cowards and their friends and pears are all probably dead as well. There good names were destroyed then when it mattered most, but at least their ancestors will now know the truth. R.I.P.Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

South Atlantic Adventures - Part Two

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Insurers refuse to pay out to soldier's widow

As a Manchester United supporter it saddens me to report on this story of AIG an American company contracted to provide life insurance to British soldiers serving in Iraq refusing to accept liability for the death of a military police officer because it does not accept that he died in service. I hope that Man Utd ditch this disgraceful company as its main sponsor as I have heard rumours this might happen. It just goes to show how diligent you must be when taking out insurance for the armed forces, I suggest you start by not using this company.Read It Here

Hat Tip Theo Spark

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Saturday, 17 February 2007


PRINCE Harry will be serving on the front line in Iraq by the end of the month.
The 22-year-old prince will head for Basra with comrades from the Blues and Royals Regiment within days and will then probably be deployed along the border with Iran.
A senior military source said: "The final details are being sorted, but he is definitely going. Naturally, his royal status has to be taken into account - but he will see action."

(RG)Prince Harry has chosen to be a soldier so it is only right that he does some actual soldiering regardless of the rights or wrongs of the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Its like a concert pianist at the peek of his career with a chance to play in front of a full house and deciding not to go on stage at the Albert Hall. Its what soldiers do, I wish him well. Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

South Atlantic Adventures - Part One

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Where is Guido?

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

The Sun newspaper snubs Falklands Veterans.

As you may know if you have read my previous posts I am hoping to make an emotional pilgrimage back to the Falkland Islands this year, lay some ghosts to rest and say a quiet prayer for my mate Mickey Quinn.
I have my name down on a list with SAMA(82) who I know will try their hardest to accommodate as many veterans as possible on the flight. I have know doubt that sadly some veterans will not be able to make that journey do to numbers and financial reasons. I hate to have to rely on anybody I may have PTSD but I am a proud man and can hold my head up. I would walk to the Falklands if it was possible. I decided to ask for assistance with my pilgrimage so I am in control of my destiny. I only want to go back if I can go with my mate Scouse who served with me in 1982 and was my best mate in the army and civvies street. I rang the Sun newspaper as they always like to portray themselves as `The paper of our Boys` and such like. Speaking to a journalist at the news desk I started to explain my position, it became apparent that he wasn’t interested one bit, as I wasn’t giving him a juicy story about a vicar in suspenders with an orange in his mouth or other sleaze that they like to print. He told me in a cocky voice “Its not really their thing and try an airline.” with that he hung up, in was fuming and extremely angry so I have written a letter of complaint, no reply as yet and I do not expect one, remember The Sun was the paper that helped Tony Blair into office. So if anyone can help myself and Scouse get back down there please let me know. We would go by sea, in some ways it would be more fitting as that’s the way we went back then. Suffice to say I will not be buying that rag newspaper again. Oh yeah here is a prediction as The Sun is a fair weather newspaper whats the betting they will ditch Labour soon and back the Hoody Hugger Cameron?

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Blairs Political Show Trial.

Let me say first of all that if Baha Mousa was illegally killed by a member of the British Army then the person or persons responsible should be brought to justice irrespective of whether the incident happened in Iraq or Islington. Obviously something happened but it seems that the evidence against the British troops was not enough to bring about charges. If Col Mendonca was complicit in a crime why did he order the Royal Military Police to investigate? I believe because I was one myself that our forces are the best disciplined soldiers in the world, however they are `Soldiers` and not `Policemen.` Lets send the UN into Iraq and see how they would handle security? There is no doubt in my mind that Col Mendonca's court martial was politically motivated. I believe this man is a good officer and would expect the men under his command to act within the law. If Col Mendonca is responsible for Baha Mousa death then what does that make Tony Blair? It is he who should be on trial. War is a nasty business and we all, especially the soldiers involved wish there was peace. My condolences to Baha Mousa and his family, the cause of his death can be firmly traced back to number 10 Downing Street.Read It Here
With £20m, they could have bought full sets of body armour for 15,500 men
Ministers 'not fit to polish boots' of cleared Iraq war hero

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Free Speech attacked by You Tube.

Chosen Man Says The Youtube/Google video Nazis have deleted ALL 90 of my combat clips from Iraq and Afghanistan off their site!-Even though NOT ONE had shown anything remotely graphic or gory they still decided to CENSURE them ALL from public view!-I had only posted them in the first place to show the general public the grim realities of what our servicemen are daily facing in both theatres with the hope of generating debate and possibly changing public opinion against our continued presence in both countries!-I am disgusted at Youtube's/Google's blatant attempt at censorship of the realities of Iraq and Afghanistan and can only conclude that pressure must have been applied on them from a higher authority in the governments of both Britain and the United states.I am removing ALL links to Youtube and any Google sites in protest and am very aware that Google also runs Blogger so I can only assume that the axe is about to drop on this site as well!-I am utterly disgusted and appalled that in the so called free west,where free speech and the freedom of the press is prized above everything else and where MILLIONS of people over the years have laid down their lives fighting for those very rights,the Youtube/Google video NAZIS have demonstrated their contempt of those blood stained rights!

(RG)This is not just a case of Iraq & Afghanistan videos, its got nothing to do with them, its the message that the Chosen Man is saying about our military involvement. I don’t agree with some left wing Bloggers but I don’t think they should be censored in any way.Infact if the Chosen man was a left wing blogger I doubt if he would have had a problem. He is an ex soldier that has fought for his country he is entitled to his opinion even if some don’t like it. It is obvious that some don’t like what he is saying and are putting pressure on You Tube. There is more to this than a few videos. Blogging can be risky business these days look at what could happen to Guido Fawkes
Considering my dislike of Blair and his cronies don’t be surprised if Rogue Gunner suddenly goes of the radar screens.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Not a very PC bear

" Show me you war face,,,Arggggghhhhhh!!!!! I luv it!"

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Britain's children: unhappy, neglected and poorly educated

British children are languishing at the bottom of an international league table examining the physical and emotional well-being of youngsters in the world's wealthiest nations.

(RG) Congratulations Labour your socialist utopia has paid dividends, give yourselves a cigar a bonus and a couple of new Mansions. Remember this is the country that spawned
Jade Goody.Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Have you stopped to thank a veteran today?

Have you stopped to thank a veteran today? In Blair’s socialist Britain this would be very unlikely and not PC.

Have you stopped to thank a veteran today?
For the price of freedom they had to pay?
Did you gaze into those distant eyes?
Did you see the ghosts he can't deny?
Did you think a soldier's heart was made of steel?
Because he was trained to kill, he couldn't feel?
Did you see the guilt written on his face,
For the loss of life he can't replace?
Did you know he mourns the lives he couldn't save,
And walks with comrades in their grave?
Did you remember the boy with innocence lost?
Do you really know war's ultimate cost?
Have you felt the blast of artillery fire?
Do you have the courage it would require?
Have you stood in trenches consumed with fear?
Felt the enemies breath so very near?
Have you walked with God on a battleground?
Seen your brothers dead or dying all around?
Have you stopped to thank a vet today,
Or did you just turn and walk away?
From the pain he'll carry for the rest of his life,
Did you consider his family, his children, his wife?
That watch him suffer in silence each and every day,
As he's haunted by memories that don't go away?
Did you care that the soldier is still pulling guard?
That his heart, mind, and soul will forever be scarred?
Do you know how he suffers from ptsd?
Or that our precious freedom is never free?
Do you care that he still hears the blood curdling screams?
Or that he returns to the war each night in his dreams?
Have you felt the sorrow of a combat vet?
Or would you rather just forget?
That war has pierced his hardened heart,
And torn this soldier all apart?
Would you rather our heroes just fade away?
Or will you stop to thank a vet today?

Thanks to Chris Woolnough.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Margaret Thatcher talking about sinking the Belgrano

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

(RG) She has bigger balls than Blair.

The Democrats the party of Blasphemy?

Well it seems we have to walk around on egg shells when it comes to certain religions but it is open season on Christianity and Catholics. Sadly blasphemy looks like a tool used by the Democrats. In the US this party is the equivalent of Labour here in the UK. I can be pretty sure of one thing,
Senator John Edwards
has just blown any chance of the White house with this vile uncalled for attack by these left wing trailer trash animals.

Read It Here

Campaign Blogger for John Edwards Quits After Outage Over 'Anti-Catholic' Comments
(RG)To late the damage is done.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Nuke Austria.

Sorry Arnie! Apparently the Iranians have gotten hold of some
Austrian rifles
so I say press the button, I mean wasn’t Hitler from there? Ok we don’t have to nuke
now so that saves a few dollars, means a few more nukes for
, hold on aren’t we the second biggest arms exporter in the world? So that means the rifles may have come from the UK, well fuck it if there is evidence that we may have inadvertently supplied Iran with arms like we did with Saddam except we did that on purpose then I say we nuke the UK, well maybe not nuke us because I have children living here, but can you please come and invade us America and liberate us from this Socialist dictatorship we live in, or perhaps a secret rendition flight. I have heard the Blair’s want to run Cuba next when Castro croaks.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

The Blair Mafia keeps the cash pouring in.

Martha Greene
who caused a stir when she registered a website for Tony Blair's planned charitable foundation, has now acquired a similar address for the Prime Minister's wife.The registration of the website domain www.cherie blair.org.uk is the clearest sign yet that Mrs Blair, the first Downing Street consort to work the lecture circuit, is aiming to forge her own lucrative commercial career after her husband stands down.

(RG) So the gangsters moll never misses trick when it comes to a fast buck. Apologies if her picture puts you off your lunch. I suppose the Witch will need a few bob to pay her much needed cosmetic surgery.
Read It Here

Goodbye No 10, hello bank balance

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Labour Fires another Excocet at the RN.

One of the Falklands war’s doughtiest fighters, HMS Intrepid, is to be dismantled, 25 years after she was first saved from the scrapheap and four months from the 25th anniversary of the islands’ liberation.

(RG)The Argentine Junta couldn’t kill her but she has finally succumbed to the New Labour Junta.Read It Here
Hat Tip Theo Spark

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Old Albion

A young British soldier advancing to contact in the Falkland Islands 1982.

I don’t want to die
Not on this day
Is this my destiny
A soldiers death
What is honourable
These young eyes have not seen enough
But seen too much already
Closing them but never the fear
Fear of showing fear
I shall not falter
To die alone
Become a soldier
Follow the pipes
The colours
My mates
To smell stale beer
I will not die this day
Old Albion awaits.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Men Who Sit On Chairs

I wrote `Men Who Sit On Chairs` to describe in my cynical terms what I think of civil servants who fly desks and tick boxes for a living. Perhaps they are the smart ones?

Men who sit on chairs send us to war
They tell us how to fight
They add up the score
Men who sit on chairs send us back home
Minus one or two or three or four or more

Men who sit on Chairs send letters to the bereaved
They tell of the heroism of what they have achieved
Men who sit on chairs sleep soundly in their beds
Unlike the men in psyche wards being force fed their meds.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Newsnight: Report on Neglect of UK Armed Forces Veterans Pt2

(RG) Note how the minister totally dodges the question about the case of a Muslim accostsing injured Para in hospital for fear of offending Islam.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Newsnight: Report on Neglect of UK Armed Forces Veterans Pt1

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

A Postcard to Blair.

Iraq has been described as 'Hell with flies', and nowhere was that truer than at the tiny Camp Condor, home to 30 British soldiers in the spring of 2004. Read It Here

(RG) Cant see the Blair’s visting the lads anytime soon the heat would play havoc with Cherie’s make-up, she would look like the elephant man in a microwave.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Breaking News

We are just getting breaking news that `Rogue Gunner` is reported to have used cannabis whilst watching a Stranglers gig in Bonn West Germany. Our reporters have spoken to a gentleman who we shall call Raymond that used to work for GCHQ that said he was working the Wednesday afternoon shift in 2004 when he was recording a conversation between Rogue and another soldier he served with. Raymond states that Rogue was heard mentioning using the substance as well as some other rather childish behaviour he and his fellow soldiers got up to on a regular basis. David Cameron this morning defended Rogue and said ” I can understand why Rogue used it man that shit was good”

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Mans best freind

TWO canine heroes have received the animals' Victoria Cross for the outstanding bravery they displayed in combat. Sadie, a black labrador, and Lucky, a german shepherd, received the Dickin Medal in recognition of their deeds.
Read It Here

(RG) Love to teach them to piss up Blairs leg.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.


I had to take a deep breath before I posted this disgraceful story as I could have said something that could have got me into trouble with Blair’s Gestapo. Patrick Reyre would have been better off if he was an extremist who wanted some new hooks on the NHS. This man fought against the evil of NAZI Germany and this is how this socialist government repay him. Our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan take note this is how you could be treated or not as the case may be, I’m totally disgusted and angry beyond belief, but then I do live in a country that keeps the RED FLAG flying.
Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

After the ceasefire our troop was based at an old weather station in Stanley. My mate Taff had a personal stereo which was like rocking horse shit in those days. Everyone wanted to have a go, but batteries were obviously in sort supply. I will always remember one day Taff let me listen to a whole track on his stereo , the song was Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. This song always sends me back to Port Stanley and is very emotional for me, thanks Taff.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Bomb Kills another British Soldier.

At least one British soldier has been killed and three others wounded by a roadside bomb blast in southern Iraq.

The attack took place around 1pm local time at an intersection about five kilometres southeast of Basra.
Read It Here

(RG)It seems like a brave soldiers life is taken every few weeks to most Britons it will be just like listening to the weather forecast its becoming so regular. I have just watched Sky new at six the death of this soldier didn’t not even make the headlines, snow cricket, even news from America regarding Anna Nicole Smith was deemed more important than our forces being killed. Perhaps its a directive from Number 10? R.I.P.

Dead Soldier Named

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

HMS Sheffield an Eyewitness Story

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

The incompetance of the VA.

I received a letter this morning from `Motability` sent to me on behalf of the Veterans Agency, telling me that because I receive a `motability` supplement I am entitled to get a motability car. This is all very well and good except for the fact that I do not receive a motability supplement. It just shows that the VA don’t have a clue what’s actually wrong with me. Still I could definitely use a nice brand new black beemer!

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

HMS Sheffield Is Hit.

On the evening of 4th May 1982, we were all trying to relax, write a letter, read a book, appearing calm and happy with our lot, when our Troop Commander came down the stairs into our mess deck and shouted for attention. We could tell by his expression that he didn’t have good news. I can’t remember his exact words, but he told us that HMS Sheffield had been hit by an exocet missile and had been destroyed. There were a few moments of stony silence, just the humming of the ships engines as the full impact of what we had just heard sank in. Here we were on a flat-bottomed troop ship defended by obsolete bofors anti-aircraft guns. What chance would we have of defending ourselves when a multi million pound destroyer had been taken out? The silence turned to anger. The perfect antidote to fear, the macho bravado shown by groups of young men when they’re about to be involved in a scrap.

The Sheffield had added impact for me as she was built in my hometown Barrow. I vowed then and there to take revenge for her. Whilst she was under construction a welder was killed in a gas explosion. Folk said, after this, that the ship would have no luck.

From this point on, I think everybody did every task with an added purpose. We were now at war. I wanted to fight, I wanted to kill the enemy. I hated all Argentineans. I’d teach the Argie bastards to sink the shiny Sheff’.

From a purely military point of view, the loss of a ship was guaranteed to get red, white and blue blood pulsing through our veins. As Maggie had said, ‘defeat, the possibility does not exist.’ I, like the rest of the lads, were willing to defend our honour to the death. Obviously, the sinking of the Belgrano had the same effect on some of the Argentine forces, noticeably, their Air Force.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Marines in emotional return to the Falklands

A deafening explosion brought John Davies' Falklands War to a brutal and abrupt end. He was tantalisingly close to the end of a two-week, 75 mile yomp across country which should have seen the young Royal Marines Lieutenant take part in the victorious entry into the capital, Port Stanley Read It Here

(RG) I have my name down with SAMA (82) to go back down, I think I need to so I can move on with my life.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

The hardest fight of all for a Falklands hero

Army officer Robert Lawrence above left was nearly killed by an Argentine sniper during a battle that became the inspiration for one of the most controversial BBC films ever - Tumbledown. Now, in his first interview in 20 years, he tells Mark Townsend how the trauma of war reshaped his life

(RG) I really hope the BBC screen the Falklands War Film Tumbledown it shows what War is really about without the glory more the gory reality and brutality of killing as is every infantrymans job and the sheer will to survive a horrific head wound when hit by an Argentine sniper. Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Falklands 25 years on.

How willing would Blair or Brown be to retake the Falklands again if invaded by Argentina?



© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Jeffery Archer.

When I first embarked upon the idea to write a book I decided to write to Jeffery Archer for some advice on getting published. To be honest I really didn’t expect a reply, but I was pleasantly surprised to get a letter from him. His advice was taken and I did get published. You can say what you want about Jeffery but this man did not think he was to big a celebrity to reply, not like some people I could mention that cannot even be bothered to reply to an e-mail. I do get several e-mails a week and always try to reply promptly.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Friendly Fire Video Evidence

The Ministry of Defence initially told the soldier's family the recording did not exist, then said they could not release it because the US would not de-classify it.

(RG) Says, Nothing new there then the MOD telling lies. Unfortunately these things do happen and will happen again. I do not recall a British pilot ever attacking and American or coalition target, why because our pilots are better trained, you just have to listen to the cockpit recording of the pilots conversation to understand this. There is technology available to prevent this type of thing happening but once again Governments will not spend the money to install these systems. I am sure those A10 pilots will live with this tragedy to their dying days. If you have any doubts do not engage. The unfortunate aspect to this is I doubt if the Americans will ever release any other classified information to the UK, but the tragedy is the needless death of Matty Hull . Read comments Here
"Watch The Video Here"

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Monday, 5 February 2007

Blast Kills Another British Soldier

I was saddened to hear of the death of another British soldier in Iraq this morning, my condolences to his family R.I.P.Read It Here

100th to die in action

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Listen to the People Blair.

Make Britian happy. Read It Here (RG) Says We could all have a National day of celebration until the detroyer Brown takes the crown of New Labour.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

I'll sue MoD over my son's death in Iraq, says mother

Phillip Hewett and two other soldiers died when a roadside bomb hit their vehicle in Basra in 2005. His mother tells the 'IoS' the Land Rover they were using was a 'death trap' Read It Here

(RG) Says If the legal action of this soldiers Mother forces the MOD and the desk Jockeys to give our boys the correct protection they deserve then I support her all the way. Imagine the equipment the sale of one of Blair’s palatial London town houses would buy?

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

MOD send kids to War.

The MOD dont give a toss how old soldiers are when they go to War, they are in a classroom one second then next could be dead on a battlefield in Iraq.
Read It Here I was 16 when I joined up.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

B Bty 1RHA

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

The blooding of an Angry Dad

The Iraqi tribesmen standing on the rooftops of Qalat Salih drew fingers across their throats. Sergeant Paul Kelly's men knew something terrible was about to happen.
Read It Here (RG)Says Probably not what I should be reading when Im next lying on my sun bed on holiday, but then the MOD said I didn’t have PTSD because I wasn’t avoiding War which is a load of bollocks.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Sunday Blues

I had a bad day yesterday, I wont go into it suffice to say that it was engineered by my evil ex wife.

Spiralling in to the black abyss
This Hell gone.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

All UK servicemen are at risk.

THE al-Qaeda plot to behead a British Muslim soldier was smashed after MI5 intercepted a panic order to the kidnap gang: "If you can't find a Muslim, ANY squaddie will do."

(RG) Says We are heading towards extremely dangerous times ahead in the UK.Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Iranian children - taught to HATE

Mahmoud Ahmadinnerjacket

KIDS as young as five in Iran are being brainwashed into dying as martyrs by “children’s books” full of violence and anti-Western hatred, The Sun can reveal.Read It Here

(RG)Says I wouldnt be suprised if these kind of hateful books can be found in the UK.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Tribute To The Royal Green Jackets

The Royal Green Jackets a proud Infantry Regiment with a long history of battle honours murdered by New Labour R.I.P. Formation of the Rifles

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

The wicked Witch buys £800,000, walk in wardrobe

Tony and Cherie Blair are buying another house - next to the property they will move into after Downing Street.
They have already exchanged contracts on the Georgian mews house in London's Bayswater area, according to reports.
The property, their fifth, is located at the rear of the £3.65m Connaught Square townhouse they bought in 2004.

(RG) Says Apparently Cherie was moaning at Blair because she didn’t have enough space to put all her thousands of pairs of shoes and makeup. He was heard running around in the early hours screaming "Its alright for you I’m in deep shit, knock the fucking wall through and use next door , now piss of Levy is on my hot line".
Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Friday, 2 February 2007


The Government has sent British troops to war in Iraq without preparing services or making any provision for the large numbers of men and women that will return with severe psychological and social problems, research from the Mental Health Foundation reveals. The most conservative estimate shows that at least 10,000 of the 43,000 troops sent out to the Gulf will suffer from serious psychological problems.
Psychological and social consequences of war

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

'Friendly fire' inquest on hold

THE OXFORD coroner hearing an inquest a British soldier's death by US friendly fire has said he "had no choice" but to delay his verdict until a recording of the incident is produced by the Government.

I hope the report has not been deleted like the Honours e-mails at No 10? This is typical of the MOD, when I made a formal request to see my files pertaining to the PTSD GROUP ACTION they claimed they didn’t know what case I was referring too, they hope if they piss you around enough you will get fed up and leave it. Luckily I made a similar request to my Lawyers and now have all my files which make very interesting reading. I hope the Oxford Coroner gets his report soon so the family of Matty Hull can finally know what happened to their loved one. Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.


The tiny son of a soldier killed in Iraq broke hearts yesterday by yelling “Daddy” at his funeral. Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Over 800 British troops to be deployed to Taliban danger zones

As I have stated before I think the War in Iraq was totally unnecessary. I do not believe that Saddam had WMD and we all know what a lier Blair and his cronies are. The whole middle east is in a worse state of affairs post Saddam and Ima Dinner jacket must be eternally grateful to Bush & Blair for invading Iraq and executing a Sunni enemy. We all know that Iran is making a nuclear weapon, why would an oil rich country like Iran need nuclear energy? Don’t forget Saddam was a former ally of the West and fought a long hard War against Iran. We are closer now to nuclear War in the middle east then any time previously. However Afghanistan is a different matter, nobody likes to see our young men die overseas but it may be neccesary if it is a just cause and directly protecting us at home. I believe there was a direct link to Al Qaeda and terrorism in the West, remember the Trade centre was hit with a bomb before the 9/11 attacks. I have said before on this Blog that the fight against terrorism has suffered due to the shambles in Iraq as Afghanistan has not been given priority and as we all know the men out there are fighting a daily battle to survive. If other NATO countries do not provide troops for Afghanistan then their governments should suffer sanctions. With this in mind I can justify sending more troops to Afghanistan. If we give the terrorist a safe haven in Afghanistan we will see more horrific beheading plots here in the UK, although you could use that argument for Iraq. As I have said and will say time and time again give them the tools to do the job or bring them home. God Speed lads Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Thursday, 1 February 2007


© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Blair quizzed a second time by cash-for-honours police

Tony Blair has been questioned for a second time by police over the cash-for peerages allegations, it was revealed today. I’m sure if he was American he would take the 5th. He might consider calling Jeffery Archer and asking how hard sewing mail bags really is.Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Mother Dear Mother

I wrote this poem `Mother Dear Mother` to portray the dying soldier on the battlefield, near death he cries for his Mother. My Mother was still alive when I was in the Falklands and she lit a candle for me every night at the church, coincidentally my Father probably drunk more than one pint for me every night in the pub.

Mother help me please I'm cold and hurt and bleeding, I'm all alone and lost, please take me home dear Mother.
It's getting dark I'm in trouble now, I'm sorry Mother, I will eat my supper and go to bed, it's hurting a lot dear Mother.
Don't tell Father he will be mad, my trousers are ripped and my head is bleeding, please sing me a lullaby, I'm your
baby boy dear Mother.
My eyes are open but I cannot see, why do you leave me here to cry? I love you Mother.
The pain is so bad I cannot breathe, please bathe my wounds and make it go dear Mother.
I hear you Mother I knew you would come, please dry my tears, I love you so dear Mother.

"Sergeant you've missed a body over here, bag it and tag it."

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Brew Time

I wrote this light hearted poem `Brew Time` see they are not always about death. It just shows how much you appreciate a cup of tea and a spell of relaxation , we take it for granted that we can just boil a kettle in our kitchens with all our mod cons and gadgets, in War a hot brew is pure luxury. Soldiers are issued with a hexamine stove (See Above) light weight and easy to use, as long as you can get the hexamine block to light in the wind, as used by British soldiers in the 1982 Falklands Islands War.

I have never enjoyed a cup of tea more
Than with your mates on a hill when your knackered and sore
The pain goes away with the jokes and the crack
You cant even feel the Bergen blisters burst on your back
The simple taste of the tea is not earl grey or PG Tips
It dont matter you see when it crosses your lips
Right lads fags out, get your arses in gear
The stumbling and cursing and dreaming of beer
A cold patch of sweat makes you shiver and sway
Up this big bastard hill for another days pay
How you wish you were at the front like the Corporal speed freak
Hell be first with his `hexy` when he gets to the peak.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Plot to Kidnap Torture and behead a British Soldier.

Lance Corporal Jabron Hashmi

This plot to Kidnap Torture and behead a British Soldier would be horrific enough if it was in Iraq or Afghanistan but this type of terrorist activity is happening on the streets of UK towns and cities. It was bad enough that British soldiers have been attacked in their (Civilian) hospital beds after being wounded overseas but this takes Terror to a new level. Congratulations to MI5 and the rest of the security services on saving this young man from an horrific death. Britain is entering a new phase in the fight against terrorism, lets hope we have the fortitude to see the job through. I know the lefties will say this has only come about do to our presence in Iraq & Afghanistan, but there would still be a global Jihad raging if our troops were not there. Recently there was plot to kidnap the Prime Minister of Canada and behead him, it sounds like the script to a cheap B movie, but then if someone had written a script to fly passenger jets in to the twin towers it would have been looked at as crazy fiction The top photo is brave British soldier Jabron Hashmi killed in Afghanistan last year. Read It Here

Muslim heroes fight for UK

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Lord Levy arrested in cash-for-honours probe

© Theo Spark

The cash-for-honours saga took another dramatic twist tonight after another of the Labour mafia fundraiser Lord Levy was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

TV Land

I wrote TV land to describe in my cynical way the influence of the Television on our daily lives.

The telly says put your hand in the fire
The telly says Vote Labour
The telly says crime is under control
The telly says check on your neighbour

The telly says Coronation Streets on
The telly says Emerdale farm
The telly says there’s enough food and water to go round
The telly says there’s their appealing for calm

The telly says the Government need more tax
The telly says work till you drop
The telly says fuel rationing soon
The telly says homophobia must stop

The telly says put a gun in your mouth
The telly says dig a hole first
The telly says leave your money to us
The telly says death cant be worse.

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Punk's Not Dead.

My Battery Commander said to me one day when he was bollocking me "You cant be a soldier and a part time anarchist" He was right, but I still loved being a rebellious punk gunner in the Royal Artillery.

Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.©

Ex-soldier admits massacre of his family

This is the deadly consequence of PTSD at its worse. I take no pride in my prediction that we will see more cases like this one. Even experts on PTSD and mental health like Charles Figley predicts a tsunami of mental health problems resulting from the war in Iraq is headed our way," This should be a warning to Governments to make sure the resources are put in place to treat ex servicemen & woman who are experiencing mental health problems. If you are one of these sceptics that think that PTSD is a load of bollocks and all about compensation think again. You watch the War in Iraq & Afghanistan on the TV like its a million miles away, the truth is that War can resurface in your office on the tube in a pub bar or restaurant. I can understand why these men end up damaged like this because I am one of them and it was left to a civilian GP to diagnose me. Shame on the MOD for this gross negligence. This case is practically manslaughter on their behalf. Read It Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Has David Cameron got a pair?

Or are David Cameron`s words just a cheap political stunt? If all else fails he can give Ima dinner jacket a big hug! Read It Here

Iran begins big nuclear build-up

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

London Calling.

When I here this great track it reminds me of the mental nights in the Block in Germany, the room a battlefield of beer bottles, great music great nights great mates!

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

I have a rendezvous with Death.

I love this poem by Alan Seeger.

I have a rendezvous with Death
At some disputed barricade,
I have a rendezvous with Death
At some disputed barricade,
When Spring comes back with rustling shade
And apple-blossoms fill the air -
I have a rendezvous with Death
When Spring brings back blue days and fair.
It may be he shall take my hand
And lead me into his dark land
And close my eyes and quench my breath -
It may be I shall pass him still.
I have a rendezvous with Death
On some scarred slope of battered hill,
When Spring comes round again this year
And the first meadow-flowers appear.
God knows 'twere better to be deep
Pillowed in silk and scented down,
Where love throbs out in blissful sleep,
Pulse nigh to pulse, and breath to breath,
Where hushed awakenings are dear...
But I've a rendezvous with Death
At midnight in some flaming town,
When Spring trips north again this year,
And I to my pledged word am true,
I shall not fail that rendezvous.

Alan Seeger

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

A good news story.

A story to make you feel a little happier Read it Here

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.

Taliban Special Forces?

I know that War is a serious business but its good to have a laugh sometimes especially at the enemies expense. Hat Tip
Theo Spark

© Mack (RG) The thoughts of a Falklands War Veteran.