Friday, 21 December 2007

Please help this WW2 Veteran.

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(RG) I recieved this e-mail below, lets make this Hero happy he deserves it, men like Stan have made our today possible so send him a card, I am, thanks.

Good afternoon,For several years I maintained a daily communication herewith a Canadian Veteran of WWII. His name is Stan Scislowski. You will find some of his writing at: Stan became my good friend; a man very precious to me.Stan served at Anzio. A few years back, Canadian PBS took him back thereto help with a documentary.Since the war, Stan has been the Keeper of his Legion's History; the Editor of the Legion News - he totally devoted himself to his work and it meant so very much to him.Stan is a widower who dearly misses his beloved. He is in his mid-80's nowand has suffered a debilitating stroke. He no longer can do the Legion News;he can no longer sit at a keyboard; he can barely keep a pen on paper. I truly thought I had lost my friend, but today, after a long 6 month silence, I received aletter from Stan. He tells me that his memory is slipping away - fast.Thus, my special request. It would mean everything to Stan to know that the work he devoted his life to would be remembered. So, I am asking for each of you, and any other you know who would help, to address a postcard, shortletter, holiday card to him with simply a Thank you for your service. If fate has dealt this Keeper of History the hand that takes his memory, it would meanthe world to him for his last memories to be those honoring his service. Please use LARGE PRINT - he can still see that.Thank you so very, very much.Miz' Remy He may be reached at:-

Stan Scislowski

Oak Park Retirement Home

13th StreetLaSalle Ontario

CanadaN9H 257

(Ms.) Remy Benoit
Author of Letty, Island Quilts, Peace, Now and Loving

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